Ebene News – GB – Fazl among 20 politicians facing “serious threats to life”: minister

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed revealed that the country’s 20 politicians, including Jamiat Ulema, face death threats Maulana Fazlur Rehman, head of i-Islam, and the government have already issued “high warnings” to all

Speaking to reporters after his first visit to the National Counterterrorism Authority (Nacta) headquarters on Monday, the minister said all politicians under threat have been urged to take action for their safety

He said four to five politicians, including those belonging to the opposition, had already survived attacks in recent years

“These politicians have received high warnings. They (the politicians), in particular Maulana Fazlur Rehman, have been ordered to protect themselves,” said M Ahmed

Praising the armed forces and law enforcement, the minister claimed that there had been a 40-50% drop in killings in terrorist attacks in the country over the past three years Providing statistics, he said 584 people were killed in terrorist incidents in 2018, while the number was reduced to 482 in 2019 and 357 in 2020 This year, he said, only two incidents of suicide bombings were reported

He said that China-Pakistan economic corridor projects were under serious threat However, he said, the country’s armed forces, police and other law enforcement agencies had foiled a number of terrorist attacks and defeated sinister conceptions of anti-state elements He said Nacta avoided major terrorist attacks, including the one on the Karachi Stock Exchange, providing preliminary information

M Ahmed said he wanted to further improve Nacta’s system and would try to get more funds released to allow the Authority to meet its financial needs

He called the decision of the Pakistan People’s Party to request the Election Commission to hold by-elections on various vacant seats in national and provincial assemblies as a “positive sign” in politics. He said it showed that he there were differences within the opposition ranks He said it was possible for by-votes to be held on vacant seats on dates when the opposition planned to make progress against the government

He predicted that the Pakistani Democratic Movement would participate in the upcoming Senate elections because its leaders knew their absence from the House would allow Prime Minister Imran Khan to pass such legislation, which would close the doors of Parliament to money launderers and to corruption elements once and for all

Minister accused opposition parties of putting lives at risk for personal gain by staging political rallies amid second wave of Covid-19

The pandemic, he said, was becoming dangerous all over the world He said the UK and Saudi Arabia have even suspended flight operations due to Covid-19

M Ahmed said that M Sharif still remained in confrontation with the army and the judges He said that Mr. Sharif had buried his own politics because of his confrontational posture He said it would be better for the PDM to show maturity in revising its politics of agitation and saving the public from the deadly virus

A document released by the Home Office indicated that Mr. Ahmed had been briefed on the functioning, organizational structure and mandated role of Nacta under the law

Minister learned that Nacta is a fully functional body and operates within its legal framework

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“We believe that with this intervention, Pakistan will finally be off the gray list (of the FATF),” one of the Nacta officials said at the briefing

The Minister was informed that a biennial policy review on the National Action Plan is being disseminated among stakeholders to improve the state response in the fight against terrorism and extremism and that it had improved the response at the provincial and national levels

Nacta’s Research and Development Branch publishes the Pakistan Journal of Terrorism Research twice a year, in which quality research articles are provided by national and international scholars on terrorism and extremism

Nacta’s Outreach Branch has launched activities to constructively engage young people across the country by initiating a number of intellectual and creative activities, including competitions between young people of different age groups A quality terrorism intelligence assessment has been prepared and disseminated to all stakeholders on a quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis to improve gaps in the kinetic domain

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Ebene News – GB – Fazl among 20 politicians threatened with “serious threats to life ”: minister

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