Ebene News – GB – Fortnite finds blue room buried in Retail Row: Week 5 challenge RESOLVED

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Fortnite developer Epic Games has released a new batch of Weekly Challenges on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android

The latest wave of Fortnite challenges rewards players with extra EXP for upgrading the Battle Pass

This is crucial if you want to unlock all of the items on offer, including Season 5 skins, free V-bucks and more

The Week 5 challenges are an interesting bunch, moving away from some of the stale tasks like killing a set number of opponents or landing at certain named locations

Instead, Epic Games designed a sort of treasure hunt, challenging players to dig up gnomes, collect gnomes, and bury gnomes from various locations.

Another challenge forces players to deal damage while crouching, while another challenges players to deal damage within ten seconds of the sand recast

The only really boring challenge is rummaging through chests or ammo crates – which you will probably do anyway

Finally, fans can earn 20,000 XP by finding the blue room buried in Retail Row Fortunately, this challenge isn’t too difficult if you know where to look

Needless to say, your first assignment is to set the map marker on Retail Row, located in the southeastern part of the map

The room itself is found buried in the garden of a yellow house west of Retail Row

Once you’ve found the right house, you’ll notice a mound in the front garden, where the room is buried

Just hit the mound multiple times with your harvesting tool to reveal the blue XP coin and complete the challenge

If you’re not sure where to look and what to do once there, watch the video below for the exact location

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Ebene News – GB – Fortnite finds blue coin buried in Retail Row: Week 5 challenge RESOLVED

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