Ebene News – GB – Four ways a new training ground takes City to the next level as club laughs

Leicester City are set to move into their state-of-the-art £ 100million base at Seagrave this week, ahead of the boxing Day 2 to 3 clash with Manchester United

Leicester City have announced the imminent move of their new £ 100million training ground which is expected to take the club to the next level

After two years of construction work, the state-of-the-art Seagrave headquarters is now ready for players, who are expected to relocate this week An announcement scheduled for later Tuesday, which the club teased by posting a photo of the new training ground on social media

The new base will include top-notch sports science facilities and 14 full-size fields, an indoor training center and a 499-seat performance field for youth games

Brendan Rodgers believes the new training ground will help City in the market by allowing them to attract more talented players to the club

He believes that every player wants to improve and they will see that it is possible at Seagrave

“Going forward you look at the ambition of the training center because every good player wants to improve, no matter what their age,” Rodgers said last year. “We’re going to move into the one of the best training grounds in the world and it’s so exciting as a development coach It’s a huge selling point

“In terms of development it will be a great proposition for you here. You can come here and develop yourself and become a real footballer

“Sometimes in the Premier League you can get carried away by all the other things around you, but the bottom line is that you are here to be a player and to maximize your career, and you will have the chance to do if you want to improve “

On a similar note, Rodgers believes the installation will help persuade City star names to stay put rather than seek a move elsewhere, as has been the case with Ben Chilwell, Harry Maguire, Riyad Mahrez and others in recent seasons

Before James Maddison signed his new contract this summer, Rodgers said the training ground would be a factor in convincing him the club was the best place for him

“I see his evolution here,” said Rodgers “We are going to move to a new training center and he has all the conditions to improve his game It is this type of player who wants to improve In my time, I have seen him develop and grow both in his personality and in his game “

He added last month: “The players are very excited It will be really amazing to get to work every day The grounds, the analysis, the sports science, the medicine, it’s going to be an amazing facility”

The city may still not be able to compete with the top clubs when it comes to transfer fees and salary offers, but the opportunity to upgrade players at the new training ground will be a “solution” to this, helping the club to bridge the gap with the elite itself

“This is huge, because a big part of the solution for us to compete at the top of the leaderboard will be to develop players,” Rodgers said this summer.

“We don’t have the budget or the financial possibilities for a number of clubs, the so-called biggest clubs It will be one of the best in the world, it will give us the opportunity to develop the players , and this will be very important for us

“As someone who has been developing their whole life and has taken this mindset into management, the importance of this is critical”

He added this month: “It’s right up there with the best in the world It’s an absolutely amazing investment from the club

“This is one of the main reasons to come here. I am a developer, this is my life This is a no expense spared facility, it is phenomenal

“There is no excuse for any player If you are talking about influencing players to get better and better, you need the environment and the people in it, but it doesn’t there is no excuse as long as you are there not to get better if you want to because it has it all

“It has everything you would want at the very elite level of modern football, from sports science to the fields to the academy

Cryotherapy units and hydropools will help heal players’ bodies faster, which is vital in such a crowded season

“I think the immediate benefits will be that we get into a world class facility that will allow us to recover even better,” Rodgers said last month

“We are going to Seagrave where there will be swimming pools, hydropools, cryotherapy, there will be everything there to recover It will be great for us in this period when the games will come fast and strong

“When we get in it will raise the level and level of everything It was a great attraction to come here Go to a world class training facility that allows you to develop and grow as a team”

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