Ebene News – GB – Grace Millane’s murderer convicted of sexual assault on two other women

The man who murdered British backpacker Grace Millane has been convicted of two more violent crimes against women

Jesse Shane Kempson, whom the New Zealand Supreme Court has ruled can now be appointed, was convicted of murdering the former Lincoln University student by strangling her in an Auckland hotel after the having met via a dating app on December 1, 2018 – the day before her 22nd birthday

The 28-year-old has since been convicted of other violent offenses in two recent trials, including the rape of another woman he met on Tinder

Kempson, who opted for trials in October and November to be heard by a judge, was convicted of rape last month

He was also found guilty of death threats, two charges of assault with a weapon, three assault and two counts of sexual violation through unlawful intercourse during a trial in October, court documents show

Kempson was allowed to keep his name a secret throughout the legal process, as his lawyer argued his name would prevent him from getting a fair trial

The Supreme Court has now cleared his name for public disclosure stating that “the orders removing the applicant’s name in connection with his conviction for the murder of Ms Millane and his October and November convictions have now lapsed”

This comes after Kempson appealed to the New Zealand Court of Appeal in August, but was tried against him on Friday, according to court documents seen by the PA news agency

Judges Stephen Kos, Mark Cooper and Patricia Courtney said the Auckland murder was “carried out with a high degree of insensitivity” because the man had not “called for help, seeking on Internet of methods of removal from the body taking preparatory measures get rid of the body and go on another date while Ms. Millane’s body remained in her room ”

Kempson was convicted by a jury in November 2019 and jailed in February for at least 17 years for the murder

He claimed Ms Millane, from Wickford, Essex, accidentally died after the couple engaged in brutal sex that went too far

During sentencing, Judge Simon Moore told Kempson that his actions constituted “conduct which underscores a lack of empathy and a sense of self-righteousness and objectification”

Judges confirmed this claim on Friday: “Ms Millane was particularly vulnerable, intoxicated, in a strange apartment, naked, in the arms of a comparison stranger whom she thought she could trust, and with her hands around her throat “

The force released a statement on Friday from the Millane family, who said they were “satisfied with the outcome” by losing the appeal

The family thanked the police, judges, prosecutors and the people of New Zealand and said: “Grace, you are and always will be our sunshine”

They added: “Grace was a kind and fun girl, sister, granddaughter, niece, aunt, cousin and friend with her whole life ahead of her

“She was enjoying the premiere of what would have been a lifetime of adventure before her life was so cruelly and brutally interrupted by her murderer

“Her sense of fun, her sense of adventure, her love of travel and exploration, as well as her ability to light up any room she has entered with her generosity of spirit, are memories we cherish as a family and how we will remember her forever “

Grace Millane

Ebene News – GB – Grace Millane killer convicted of sexually assaulting two other women

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