Ebene News – GB – Here’s when Boris Johnson speaks today – and how to watch the announcements live

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Prime Minister Boris John has been announced to lead a press conference in Downing Street today (Wed 30 December)

This follows several big recent government announcements including news on Brexit, possible coronavirus level changes and the approval of the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid vaccine in the UK

Downing Street has confirmed that the Prime Minister will host press conference No 10 on Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Johnson will likely mention the approval of the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, which was officially approved for use in the UK today

Earlier, Johnson had tweeted: “It is truly fantastic news – and a triumph for British science – that the @ UniofOxford / @ AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved for use

With over 40% of England’s population currently on Level 4 restrictions and with an increase in cases, tougher restrictions are expected in order to tackle the spread of the virus

While Johnson has not ruled out a third nationwide lockdown, a government source told the Mirror that ministers could potentially add “another level to level 4, so as level 5”

Currently, Level 4 restrictions require all non-essential businesses to re-close their doors, which includes retail stores, indoor gyms, and entertainment venues

Hospitality venues must also close for seating reasons, but may continue to operate as take-out, delivery and drive-thru services

The government says: “If you live in a level 4 area, you should not leave your home unless you have a reasonable excuse (for example, for work or school reasons)”

Introducing a fifth tier would mean implementing even tougher restrictions, which could look like the first nationwide lockdown that occurred in the spring

During this lockdown, people were only allowed to leave their homes for shopping, for medical reasons or for one hour of exercise per day

Another major difference between Level 4 and the original national lockdown is that schools, universities and places of worship can currently remain open

The government has already been called on to delay the start of the new school term in January, with scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine warning that the R number will not fall below one “unless primary schools and secondary, and universities are also closed “

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is also speaking today – he is due to address the House of Commons at 3 p.m. Level restrictions must be reviewed every two weeks, according to the law

When asked if he would put more zones in higher tiers today, Hancock told Good Morning Britain: ‘Yeah, I’m afraid I have to.”

Millions more are generally expected to be placed under Level 4 restrictions, with other reports indicating a Level 5 could be announced

Additionally, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson will speak after Hancock, making a statement in the House of Commons at 4 p.m. Williamson will give an update on schools, and when kids can expect to return to class

Hancock told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: ‘Education secretary will outline his proposals later today It is clear that we want to protect education as much as possible

“But the new variant makes the transmission of this disease much easier. So we will protect education as much as possible”

You can also watch online through BBC iPlayer, and Sky News also has a live YouTube stream

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Ebene News – GB – Here’s when Boris Johnson speaks today – and how to watch the announcements live

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