Ebene News – GB – Heritage enthusiast and ambulance leader among those named in the list of New Year’s honors

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HERITAGE Enthusiast, Arts Leader and Ambulance Leader are among those named in New Year’s Honors list

Extraordinary dedication and years of service in their field have brought people across the country to be recognized by the Queen

Among them is Norman Stevens, 69, of Lewes, who has spent most of his life restoring the Royal Pavilion in Brighton

M Stevens has played the central role in preserving the interiors since 1979 and has also taught and assisted others in their work on the historic building

M Stevens said: “When I found out, I couldn’t believe what I was reading and I still can’t think of an adjective to describe how I feel – maybe the elation and shock.

“When I reluctantly finished at the Pavilion in 2018, I had to give a speech

“I described how I found the building when I went there at 28 and described it as almost looking like a battleship – a very dark building on the outside and inside, rather marked by battle

“The main problem I encountered was that the building was leaking, it was like a sieve I remember going in there to work in the morning and setting up buckets that caught the water as it poured out”

M Stevens had apprenticed as a decorative painter and worked for various companies before being hired to restore the pavilion’s music room after a disastrous arson in 1975 that caused extensive damage

“After the fire they suddenly realized how much they had an amazing thing,” he said When I first went there the building was rented

“I think the Brighton Council really realized how valuable it was, hence the strengthening of the conservation department”

He is highly skilled in specialist conservation skills such as cleaning, restoration, plastering and fine carving as well as painting and gilding

“I was almost part of the furniture, and I certainly felt like I was on occasion,” he said “In joining the Pavilion, I had the privilege of working with several people who were there for a while and who have spoken to me ”

Over the years, M Stevens allowed others to benefit from his extensive knowledge of the Pavilion and the restoration work

His last project to restore the Saloon to its 1823 design took about 11 years. He said: “It was a fantastic job and I’m probably one of the lucky people in life, to have this thing that you love be yours. job”

Jenny Williams of Eastbourne, leader of Revolution Arts, a group that supports the creative sector, also receives a British Empire Medal During the Covid crisis, she and her team used the arts to help people get through the pandemic

They’ve put together a program of digital events, which take place every Thursday and Friday online and free, showcasing some of the best and diverse talent.

She said: “We’ve had a crisis this year and our creative community has come together and said, ‘we’re going to be there for you in any way we can.’ Next year our creative sector is going to keep coming together. , performances for the lovers we have lost and for the young people to renew hope ”

This year, Ms. Williams’ team engaged with approximately 88,000 people online, providing a social space and a “sense of community”

She said: “I think the arts are the beauty in people’s lives, it’s a connection between people coming together – it’s about having fun and forgetting

“It has been an honor to be part of a team of people and groups of volunteers who have come together to fight against loneliness, to say, ‘We will do this together for our community.’

Ms Williams has also offered time and resources to grassroots organizations to help them provide essential services during this time, partnering with a food bank and referral services for students to obtain musical instruments, kits creative and supportive families in need, especially in underserved communities

Her program also supported the Muslim community through this difficult time as they were unable to celebrate Ramadan and break the fast with family members and loved ones.

She was overjoyed to find out about her honor She said: “I was sitting next to my old man going through my emails and jumping in shock He said ‘what’s the matter?’ We’re so used to bad news now I’ve been happy to be recognized for the work we have done, to work with amazing talent around the world, and it’s recognition for the industry I work in ”

AMBULANCE chief awarded MBE for achieving “unprecedented success” in the midst of a pandemic

Joe Garcia, 57, is Director of Operations at the South East Coast Ambulance Service (Secamb) NHS Foundation Trust

M Garcia joined on an interim basis at a time of leadership crisis, just after trust was placed in special measures and the entire executive team moved, before being asked to stay on a permanent basis.

His leadership was a key factor in the confidence that was rated good or exceptional last August, the latter for patient care and for leadership.

During the Covid crisis, he led the confidence efforts across South East England, achieving his best ever performance despite up to 600 frontline workers sick or self-isolated due to disease

He said: “I am extremely proud to be recognized for the work we have done, not just me, but the entire ambulance community.

“We fought this particular pandemic, which was difficult physically and mentally, by bringing the team together

“We have been able to figure it out so far, yes it is getting more difficult, but we will rise to the challenge

M Garcia went to great lengths to ensure the supply of PPE and hand sanitizer to frontline workers in the trust

He created and led a massive communications campaign to promote social distancing in trust and made calls with staff up to four times a week to ensure they are kept informed at a time of real uncertainty.

He served 35 years in the ambulance service, joining in 1985 following service in the Royal Marines, during which he saw active service in

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New Year’s Honors, Order of the British Empire

Ebene News – GB – Heritage enthusiast and head of ambulance among those named in the list of New Year’s honors

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