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A convoy system needs to be reintroduced at rest and be grateful as the rainy weather sets in

National road operator BEAR Scotland has announced that due to a weather warning for heavy rain at rest and be grateful on Monday 3 May – with the heaviest rain forecast from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. – a system convoy would be brought during the night

A spokesperson for BEAR Scotland said: ‘To strengthen traffic control during this period we are currently planning to switch to a convoy system on the A83 through the rest from 2pm today

“This will continue normally overnight until 7am Tuesday We do not currently plan to use the old local detour off the military road, but it is on hold if conditions require

“Using the convoy system and taking into account the traffic on Bank Holiday Monday, the delays should be longer than normal

Travel information is available from Traffic Scotland at wwwtraficscotlandorg, Twitter at @trafficscotland or on the mytraficscotlandorg mobile site

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Ebene News – GB – Holiday convoy for the rest – Argyllshire Advertiser

Source: https://www.argyllshireadvertiser.co.uk/2021/05/03/bank-holiday-convoy-for-the-rest/