Ebene News – GB – Kimberly Walsh advised Emmerdale’s star sister Amy on childbirth scene

Emmerdale star Amy Walsh revealed she turned to her sisters, Girls Aloud star Kimberley and former soap opera star Sally, for advice on her birth scene

Things got even more dramatic for Amy’s character Tracy Metcalfe in recent scenes, with the realization that the baby is on the way two weeks earlier after her waters broke.

The actress wanted to bring a lot of different experiences to the scene, talking to some amazing women in her life

When Ranvir Singh asked Lorraine if she had spoken to Kimberley about her experience, Amy said: “I spoke to my two sisters, I spoke to my best friend”

She added: “My best friend said, ‘I couldn’t sit the whole job, I had to rock side by side,'” the star revealing that she added this specific experience to the scene

However, Amy recalled receiving some pretty blunt descriptions of childbirth while laughing: “Labor was equated to murder, like being beaten by a boxer …”

The actress joined Emmerdale in 2014 and revealed that she still loves him, in part because of the “freedom” she has in the role

“You have to take this property [on the character]”, she explained, when Ranvir suggested that she had gotten to the point that she is playing the character “on instinct”

Amy and her co-star Jurell Carter (Nate Robinson) have previously spoken about the birth scene and what it means for the couple’s relationship

Jurell said: “Nate and Tracy don’t have the best luck or the best fortune in life, but I know they wear their hearts on their sleeves and they are very passionate people.

‘Their passion is always out of love, and I think they just want to have this beautiful family unit and their intentions are in the right place, they want to do their best for Frankie and grow up together as a family, I think they will be great parents “

Amy added, “I think Jurell is absolutely right, they didn’t have the best start, neither of them, nor the best family structure / foundation, but I think that’s why they want it so much

“They know each other now and have this opportunity to have this family unit And they overcome those obstacles like good relationships do, which makes them stronger and stronger. Tracy has so many flaws I’m sure they are going to burst but I think they will both try to do their best for this child “

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Ebene News – GB – Kimberly Walsh advised Emmerdale’s star sister Amy on the birthing scene

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