Ebene News – GB – Kirstie Allsopp: Real estate expert shares ‘number one mistake’ people make when buying a home

The nation’s favorite real estate duo Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp will be back on UK screens tonight for the latest installment in their Love It or List It series The show sees Pul and Kirstie s’ face off as they try to convince homeowners to sell or renovate their home Kirstie, who also has her own shows such as Kirstie’s Vintage Gems, Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas and Kirstie: Keep Crafting and Carry On, showcases her handyman skills while Phil tries to find the owners of their dream home elsewhere

A few years ago, the duo created their own app called Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter

The app was basically a guide for buyers looking to find their dream home with tips and advice from real estate experts

Real estate experts spoke to Radio Lynx Content in a 2011 YouTube video about the app, but also the biggest pitfalls buyers face when finding a property

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The real estate expert also said that there are some mistakes people can make later when you have decided to make an offer


She added that once the transaction process begins, buyers should be firm with lawyers and realtors

“And then people may be too respectful of lawyers who should be harassed as much as the real estate agent,” she explained

Phil added: “Lawyers provide you a service, you pay the bill, so you have to ask for the service”

Besides the deposit, property tax, stamp duty and appraisal fees, several other costs are involved

If you have hired a real estate agent, they charge a fee; surveyors who will examine the condition of a house can cost a few hundred pounds and lawyers or licensed carriers can also cost just under £ 1000

There is also the cost of electronic transfer fees, moving fees and mortgage fees such as booking, arranging and evaluating the mortgage

Once you have bought your home and moved in, there will also be the costs of repair or renovation, insurance and running costs of your home

Love It or List It with Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer airs tonight on Channel 4 at 8 p.m.

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Ebene News – EN – Kirstie Allsopp: the real estate expert shares “the number one mistake” that people do when buying a house

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