Ebene News – GB – Laundromat, windmill and car trunk – the UK’s most unusual polling stations

Why vote in a simple old ballroom when you could enjoy a cultural trip to a windmill or do your laundry at the same time?

Millions of voters in England, Wales and Scotland now have their say in the biggest test of political opinion since the 2019 general election

Some of the best ‘Super Thursday’ sites include nuns and dogs exercising their democratic rights, as well as a series of unusual polling stations

A laundromat, cafe, trailer and shipping container are just a few of the weird and wonderful stalls open until 10pm tonight

Multitasking voters traveled to Ace Launderette in Oxford throughout the day to vote and do a few loads at the same time

In Hartlepool, where a crucial parliamentary by-election is being held, voters walk towards a small blue shipping container set up in a residential area

Meanwhile, in the countryside of Carlton, near Newmarket in Suffolk, villagers voted in a tiny trailer parked outside the old parsonage

The little trailer pulled up outside Robin Wylie’s house last night and up to 100 people are expected to vote there today

Others, looking for a more cultural experience, can head to the Fulwell Mill in Sunderland – a 20th century historic location famous for its baked goods

A number of cafes and pubs have also urged voters to shed their political fears with a pint or coffee in their outdoor dining area

The Bank View Cafe is one of the most colorful polling stations that voters in Sheffield can visit, while pubs such as the White Horse Inn in Hampshire were also open for ballots

But perhaps the most unusual station seen today – and in recent years – has to be a car trunk

In Oxford, voter Toby Porter voted in the trunk of a car after the head of the church opened his polling station “apparently slept too much”

The Oxford Center for Mission Studies was supposed to open at 7 a.m., but the director, who had the keys, did not wake up in time and the workers had to improvise

Thoughtful officials set up a makeshift polling station in the trunk of someone’s car with all the necessary signage taped to the trunk lid

M Porter said a dozen early morning voters cast their ballots in the vehicle – but saw the funny side and found the experience “new”

He told Metrocouk: “(The officials) were pretty stressed out, but I think it helped that the handful of us over there found it wacky and charming

“I didn’t see the director (arriving) and I will probably do my best to avoid him in the future, as I never expected my tweet would be seen by more than a handful of people

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Ebene News – GB – Laundromat, windmill and car trunk – the most unusual polling stations in the Kingdom -United

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