Ebene News – GB – Legendary South Shields owner Chippy Colmans receives MBE

Richard Ord, owner of Colmans Fish & Chips and Colmans Seafood Temple, has been recognized in the Queen’s New Year’s Honors

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Owner of one of the North East’s most popular chippies received an MBE after 50 years of serving fish and chips to the people of South Shields

Richard Ord, owner of Colmans Fish & Chips and Colmans Seafood Temple, has been honored in the Queen’s New Year’s Honors for his service to the hospitality industry and catering in South Tyneside

The 66-year-old started cutting fish at Colmans Ocean Road in 1969, when he was 15, when fish and chips cost only 10 pence

At the time, he was the fourth generation to work in the family business, which started as a beach hut in 1905 and moved to its current premises in 1926

With over 50 years of service in the fish and chips and hospitality industry, Richard’s hard work, skills and commitment to quality have made Colmans a benchmark for fish and chips and seafood

Its focus on sustainability and the environment has enabled Colmans to become the first MSC certified fish and chips in England and the first winner of the Good Catch Awards

Richard has been called in on several occasions to serve fish and chips at high-profile events such as the Queen’s birthday celebrations in Guatemala in 2008 and at the residence of the British Ambassador, Villa Wolkonsky , in Rome in 2009

In 2017, Richard purchased the abandoned South Shields Beach Bandstand, known locally as Gandhi’s Temple, turning it into an award-winning seafood restaurant and one of the world’s most famous dining venues. most unique in the country

Now in the hands of Richard’s wife, Frances, and the family’s fifth generation sons, Richard and Dominic, Colmans Seafood Temple has captured the imaginations of people across the country

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Richard said: “I am absolutely delighted and shocked I never imagined that in a million years I would be proposed for something like this but I am very grateful for those who made it for me, i did no more nor less than anyone, i just go to work and do what i always loved to do

Richard has been an ambassador for the fish and chips industry, training hundreds of young friends and chefs

He is also responsible for implementing an open door policy, inviting others into his company to learn, which has benefited the careers of hundreds of other chefs today.

Recognizing his service to hospitality, Richard added: “I would like to think that I have contributed somewhat, I have always encouraged others and tried to pass on our expertise and knowledge, to lead the way and to do what it takes

“The fish and chips industry has grown tremendously over the years, it is much more environmentally friendly and professional than when I started

“And, contrary to popular belief, fish and chips are much better today than they were 50 years ago The product, packaging, environment and service , it was raised to a whole new level Love it and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else “

Dedicating his MBE to his wife Frances, sons Richard and Dominic, and his clients, Richard adds, “This award is for my family, our team and all the wonderful clients Colmans has served over the past century – this that I can only imagine in the millions

“Without their support, none of this would have been possible Our customers are essential and I thank them from the bottom of my heart”

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Ebene News – GB – The owner of the legendary South Shields chippy Colmans awarded MBE

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