Ebene News – GB – Line Of Duty fans react to the season finale

Line Of Duty fans took to social media to react to the season six finale, and it’s, uh, a mixed bag

In the finale, we see Darren Hunter arrested for the murder of Lawrence Christopher, Jo Davidson put under witness protection and Ian Buckells unmasked as “H” Sort of

We also learn that the anti-corruption unit will continue to be led by Patricia Carmichael, while Philip Osborne is on a mission to put an end to any allegations of institutionalized corruption within the police force.

Fans took to social media with their reactions to the finale, with many saying it was a brilliant ending tying all the losers together. Others, however, were a little less impressed with the ending, feeling slightly disappointed by all this

“I’ve waited 10 years for this disappointment,” one person wrote, while someone else added: “I WANT A BETTER END I NEED A BETTER END” A third fan said: “Can’t believe I watched 6 seasons of #LineOfDuty for Ian Buckells, the most useless character, to be the fourth man”

My reaction so far 10 years to discover her curls Ian? 🙄🙄🙄 Don’t buy it #LineOfDuty picTwittercom / p5Oi65xUV0

Cottan is shaped like a T here I think that was the code for “Terrible end” – he was hiding in plain sight #LineOfDuty picTwittercom / 1WNRVO2Qw7

Jennys service log, final entry what a bunch of crap and really a waste of my paper and my biro imageTwittercom / sC24Ai2I1k

Across the UK when asked his opinion on the Line of Duty season finale #LineOfDuty picTwittercom / VoskrKVC6E

Others were more impressed with the ending, however, writing: “Me explaining to the BBC why there has to be another series” and someone else added: “After that he must be a series 7 Still convinced that Osborne is the best dog “

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Ebene News – EN – Line Of Duty fans react to the season finale

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