Ebene News – GB – Londoners urged to bring New Years to safety

Construction workers put up fences around statues in Parliament Square ahead of New Year’s Eve

Olice warned Londoners to celebrate New Years at home with revelers breaking the rules and facing fines of up to £ 10,000

Officers will be deployed across London to tackle anyone breaking the guidelines, which carries fines

Health officials have warned potential revelers to stay home to reduce the risk of infection, warning: “Covid loves crowds”

Metropolitan Police Commander Paul Brogden, who is leading this year’s operation, said: “I urge everyone to exercise caution, listen to the advice of the government and celebrate the New Year in the comfort of their own home, not in the home of family and friends

“The public can expect to see agents deployed in the capital, supporting communities and focusing heavily on the few who intend to violate and ignore guidelines put in place to keep everything safe. the world

“Officers will also pay attention to areas of London with the highest infection rates

“As we have done throughout the year, if we become aware of planned events that violate Covid regulations, we will engage with the organizers or venues to fully inform them of the legal consequences and encourage to cancel

“If you do not cancel such events, such as unlicensed music events, the organizer will likely incur a very significant fine

“Although the New Year is approaching, now is not the time to be complacent or to meet other people and throw parties of any kind

“If people insist on assembling and breaking the rules, officers will be there and encourage people to disperse

Police are keen to dissuade people from celebrating New Years away from home The warning comes after Liverpool’s revelers enjoyed one last night before the city entered rank 3

“If necessary, enforcement action, including fines starting from £ 100 and going up to £ 10,000, will be considered”

The police warning comes as hospitals in London come under increased pressure with rising infection rates forcing more people to require treatment Meanwhile, 20 million more have been subjected to level 4 restrictions from midnight This means that three quarters of the population of England are subject to the strictest rules

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said people “can no longer let go” in the fight against the virus now, as the health service is strained by a growing number of patients with Covid-19

A government advertising campaign for “See the New Year Safely at Home” runs throughout Thursday, reminding people that the virus is easily spread and that about one in three people have it. infection has no symptoms and could therefore pass it on without realizing

M Hancock said: ‘With our NHS under pressure we all need to take personal responsibility for New Years Eve and stay home

“I know how much we have all sacrificed this year and we cannot let go. Over 600,000 people have now been vaccinated and we are on the verge of beating this virus

“More than ever we need to come together to save lives and protect our NHS If we continue to do our part by staying home we can overcome this together”

Professor Stephen Powis, national medical director of NHS England, said staying home and seeing 2021 ‘right’ would reduce infections and ease pressure on hospitals

He said at a press conference in Downing Street on Wednesday: “We know it’s the end of the year, it’s a time people traditionally want to celebrate

“But it is absolutely vital that this year everyone continues to follow directions by staying home and avoiding mixing”

Professor Powis added: “We can all play a part in the fight against this terrible virus: stay home, mark the new year with the nearest and dearest in the rules

“This action will reduce infections, relieve pressure on hospitals, so everyone can help save a life

His call for restraint came when Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said the NHS had yet to see the impact of the household mix over Christmas

He said the situation in the UK was “already precarious in many areas” and urged the public to “play your part in bringing us back from this very dangerous situation”

“It is almost certainly true that the NHS has yet to see the impact of the infections that occurred during the mix on Christmas Day and this is sadly rather disappointing,” said Professor Van-Tam

According to The Times, a memo circulated to staff at the North East and North Central Network, which covers 17 hospitals in the capital and Essex, said he was “beyond everything” and that he needed help At Queen’s Hospital in Romford, 28 intensive care nurses and seven other nurses would treat 68 patients

He said: “I have to ask you to follow the rules where you live tomorrow night and see the New Year safe at home

“This means not meeting friends or family members indoors, unless they are in the same household or supportive bubble, and avoiding large gatherings of any kind”

New Years Eve, London

Ebene News – GB – Londoners urged to bring the New Year to safety

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