Ebene News – GB – Lord Alan Sugar’s sister dies after Covid-19 battle weeks after brother’s death

Lord Alan Sugar’s sister, Shirley, sadly died aged 88 after contracting Covid-19

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Lord Alan Sugar’s sister Shirley sadly passed away aged 88 after battling Covid-19, The Apprentice star confirmed

The 73-year-old TV personality took to social media to confirm the tragic death of his older sister on December 30

The heartbreaking news comes just two weeks after Lord Alan Sugar’s brother Derek died after battling the deadly virus

Speaking to his 52 million Twitter followers, Alan confirmed that Shirley died after contracting coronavirus

He also added that his older sister was also ‘ill for a while’ before her death

“My older sister Shirley passed away today at the age of 88, she had been ill for a while, but I guess Covid eventually got her to join our brother Derek who passed away two years ago weeks, “wrote Alan

Alan and his family were inundated with messages as fans shared their condolences with the TV star

The tragic news comes just two weeks after their brother Derek died after battling the virus

At the time, Alan confirmed that his brother was deceased and that he also suffered from underlying health issues

He also wrote a touching tribute to his brother, as well as a happy memory of their love of football

“Today I lost my long-suffering brother Derek, another victim of Covid, which made his underlying health problems worse,” Alan wrote at the time

“He’s always been a passionate Spurs fan. I never forget my sister-in-law who jokes with me, thanks me for buying him the club

Lord Sugar was president and co-owner of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for a decade, which he referred to in the tweet

According to the latest statistics, there have been over 71,000 deaths in the UK which are linked to Covid-19

Earlier in 2020, Alan Sugar came under fire after suggesting Boris Johnson had been ‘too cautious’ and urged the PM to lift the first lockdown

Speaking to Jeremy Vine, Alan explained that he had lived through the pandemic in Florida and he urged the UK to open up the economy

“I’m still alive My wife, thank God, is still alive So that’s everyone I know,” he said at the time

“No one else has caught anything So I guess that’s a little clue out there that says we may have peaked And maybe it’s time for us to follow the example of America, or of France which has opened up, or of Spain

“I think Prime Minister Johnson unfortunately had a problem himself and I think he’s a little too careful if you ask me, just a little,” he continued


The TV star even suggested relocating all Down Under filming as life there is almost back to normal.

Alan Sugar, the apprentice, the coronavirus

Ebene News – GB – Lord Alan Sugar’s sister dies after battle of Covid-19 a few weeks after her brother’s death

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