Ebene News – GB – Loved Pamela Anderson & Her New Husband Join Loose Women From Their Bed

Pamela Anderson and her new husband Dan Hayhurst joined Loose Women under the covers of today’s show, much to viewers’ confusion

The Baywatch star, who married her bodyguard on Christmas Eve, spent the entire interview lying in bed, wrapped in her partner’s arms, while presenters Nadia Sawalha, Kay Adams, Brenda Edwards and Stacey Solomon asking questions

“I didn’t think we would actually see you in the arms of the man you love,” Nadia announced as the couple appeared in

Concluding the interview, Nadia later said: “I now feel like I’m in bed with you

“We won’t bother you anymore It looks like you have some business to do”

She then commented to the panel: “I think this is the most unusual cat we have ever done”

Viewers were unsure of how to react to the interview, with some calling it entirely inappropriate, while others hesitating

“What the hell is going on on Loose Women?” wrote one of them, “The most delicate interview ever Why would you do an interview in bed with mascara on your eyes Are you okay Pamela, hun? “

Echoing a similar sentiment, another wrote: “Please stop This Pamela Anderson interview where she is in bed with her new husband is incredibly inappropriate”

Pamela met Dan at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown last year, where they finally fell in love

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the couple were unable to invite any guests to their wedding, and there were also no better men or bridesmaids in attendance

This is Pamela’s fourth marriage after being married to Tommy Lee – with whom she has sons Brandon, 23, and Dylan, 22 – between 1995 and 1998, Kid Rock for a brief period in 2006 , and Rick Solomon, who she married twice, in 2007 and 2013

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Ebene News – GB – Loved Pamela Anderson and her new husband join Loose Women from their bed

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