Ebene News – GB – Manchester United and Man City could be affected by £ 5bn TV deal issue

Premier League clubs have been warned that broadcast rights could experience a period of deflation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

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For clubs at the top of the English national game, the Premier League’s continued growth in one of the world’s largest football markets has been driven by the continued growth in the broadcasting rights attached to it

The Premier League’s home streaming market is now worth some £ 5 billion a year thanks to deals with longtime partner Sky, BT Sport and Amazon Prime, the most recent on the scene

In England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany, the total value of broadcast deals has almost reached £ 15 billion

But with the hugely large impact of COVID-19 severely damaging the finances of clubs with empty stadiums and trade deals affected, so too have previously reliable broadcast revenues.

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In the Premier League, clubs like Manchester United and Man City still have TV discounts to repay to broadcasters in 2022 after the schedule was disrupted by last year’s pandemic

Meanwhile, in France the situation is particularly grim in the face of the failed deal with Mediapro, which withheld two payments last year before quitting their deal with Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, the governing body of French football forced to ask the government for a loan to help the clubs left behind

Premier League TV rights are one of the main factors attracting investors to English gambling

But with the rights coming up again for the 2022-2025 period later this year, the auction shouldn’t be as free as it once was

Speaking at the Financial Times Business of Football summit, Simon Green, director of BT Sport, said: “I see a realignment and a correction and maybe a period of rights deflation and you can already do that. see,”? ???

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“Clubs may think that the business opportunities could be improved, but if broadcasters don’t see the added value, it seems far-fetched to think that companies will want to invest more of their money in one direction than TV is. companies do not consider valid “

Last year the Bundesliga saw a 5% drop in its renegotiation of £ 3.8bn in four-year transactions, as the trend across the markets showed a decline from the market peak in 2018 , all this is not related to Covid

Speaking at the FT Summit, Claire Enders, founder of marketing firm Enders Analysis, said: “Part of the decline is of course related to Covid, but the general trend is very well established”

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Ebene News – GB – Manchester United and Man City could be hit by a £ 5bn TV deal issue

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