Ebene News – GB – Manchester United hero Gary Neville broke fans during Glazers protests

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville was at Old Trafford when fans stormed the stadium on Sunday And now a photo has been posted on social media that appears to show him supporters banging their fists the same day Neville condemned the violence at the Theater of Dreams but supported fans, insisting it was time for the Glazers to leave the club

Manchester United were due to shake their horns with Liverpool in their Premier League game on Sunday

However, fans made sure the match was postponed after storming Old Trafford and protesting outside the nearby Lowry Hotel

Fans first started their movement outside, but were able to enter the stadium itself, reveling in the turf where they launched flares and made their voices heard

And, now a photo showing fans of the United legend during the protest inside the ground has appeared on social media

Posted by Twitter @mufcMPB, he keeps his face mask on as fans crowd in front of him

It should be noted that Neville did not necessarily support the supporters or admit that their actions were quite right

Yet the 46-year-old made it clear that it was time for the Glazers to sell, saying that day: “This is a consequence of the actions of the Manchester United owners two weeks ago

“There is general mistrust and dislike of the owners, but they weren’t protesting two or three weeks ago

“The Glazer family have been tough and stubborn for many years. I think they are struggling to meet the financial demands this club needs and has been doing for some time

“If you think about the club they chose in 2004, they had the best stadium in the country, probably one of the best in Europe; the best training ground in this country, probably the best training ground in Europe; the team would regularly go to the semi-finals, quarter-finals and finals of the Champions League and win the league every season or every other season

“You look at the club now This stadium, if you go backstage, is rusty and rotten

“The training ground is probably not even in the top five of this country anymore. They haven’t made a Champions League semi-final for 10 years and haven’t won the league since eight years

“The pitch around the ground is underdeveloped, dormant and abandoned as all other clubs appear to develop their facilities and fan experiences

“The Glazer family are struggling to meet the financial demands and fans say the time is up

“They are going to make a fortune if they sell this football club If they were to put it up for sale now, I think the time would be right and it would be the honorable thing to do”

Neville then added: “Maybe I’m naive, but Manchester United and Liverpool should act like the grandfathers of English football, be compassionate, spread their wealth in the family and be fair

“But they got greedy and tried to walk away with all the money themselves, leaving the family to struggle underneath It’s not what you do in these clubs Apologies are not enough”

Going against the narrative, however, Peter Schmeichel has backed the Glazers and insists they must find a way to work with United fans

“The club is going (will be worth), I don’t know, three, four, five billion dollars? Who has that kind of money to buy the football club?” he told CBS Sports

“If you look at potential buyers, are they going to make things better? Is it going to be any different? There are examples, but they never bought at this price

“I would much prefer that we work with the Glazers because I think there is a will within the family. Work with the Glazers to make this football club what this football club is supposed to be

“I think everyone thinks the Glazer family are a bit too detached from the club They’re there every now and then, but they’re not there every week You never see Joel Glazer come out on camera and talking about the club, and I think that frustrates the fans a lot

“We have this property, but from the outside it looks like the owners don’t care, that it’s all about the money I don’t think that’s completely the case. they are very proud of their Manchester United ownership I just think it is now necessary to restructure its operation

“I don’t think the die-hard fans were the ones inside the stadium I think they’re fools, troublemakers None of them will remember the good times Some of them were not even born when the Glazers took over the club

“Hardcore fans, real fans, keep voicing your opinions, but keep it at an appropriate level Don’t be stupid about it Don’t demand something unrealistic Keep up the pressure, keep the ideas

“What we have learned in the last couple of weeks is that if we are united and show our opposition to ideas that we do not agree with, as a massive group, that has an effect I think football, not Manchester United, is at a crossroads now

“Now there is this incredible opportunity to change direction Something that I think has needed a long, long time”

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Gary Neville

Ebene News – GB – Manchester United hero Gary Neville broke fans during Glazers protests

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