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Some of the people from Cambridgeshire on the 2021 New Years Honors list
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Community champions, business leaders, volunteers and fundraisers are among those recognized in the Queen’s New Year’s Honors list for 2021

Anna Louise Halls, National Country Director at Compass Group and from March, for NHS Services

Anna Louise Halls (from March), National Country Director at Compass Group, received an MBE for her services to the NHS
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Steve Cenci, Managing Director of Health at Compass Group UK & Ireland, wrote about Anna in a company blog in September on the pandemic

“Anna has been instrumental during this time, bringing her expertise and sharing it across the NHS,” he said

“Its role is to develop standard operating procedures in line with hospital cleaning requirements and assess what is needed to deliver it, such as new technologies and products, and most importantly to advise on an implementation safe and efficient

“Over the past few months people have seen how important cleaning is in reducing the spread of disease and infection and Anna is uniquely positioned, working collaboratively to support the development of new cleaning standards “

Cambridge Rape Crisis Center Director Norah Al-Ani to Receive MBE for Social Justice and Gender Services Norah Receives Honorary Fellowship Two Years Ago

The Cambridge Rape Crisis Center was established as a confidential helpline in 1982 by a small group of local women

It was a response to a growing awareness of sexual violence against women and girls and the need to provide a safe space

This has given many women their first chance to speak openly about their experiences of rape, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse and other forms of violence

“The Cambridge Rape Crisis Center has remained here throughout the lockdown period and we will continue to be there as the restrictions ease,” says Norah “We are doing everything we can to protect our services now and for the future “

Two years ago, Norah received an honorary scholarship from Anglia Ruskin in recognition of her work at the Cambridge Rape Crisis Center

Emma Evans from March was named to New Year’s list of honors for her service to goalball and visually impaired athletes
– Credit: Supplied / Emma Evans

Fens goalball enthusiast who was named to the New Year’s honors list believes there is still work to be done to develop the sport

Emma Evans’s March MBE will be recognized for her service to goalball and visually impaired athletes since her involvement in the sport in 2015

Since helping launch the Fen Tigers goalball team five years ago, Emma has played, coached and umpired, participated in fundraising initiatives and promoted goalball at within the public service

Emma, ​​inspired to get involved in goalball after her son started playing at the Royal National College for the Blind, also made her mark off the field

Over the past two years she has secured £ 80,000 in funding for Goalball UK, the sport’s governing body

She has also promoted sport as a public servant through the Public Service Visual Network, which aims to address and increase awareness of visual impairment issues in the public service

On the pitch Emma, ​​who led the Fen Tigers to international success in Malmö last year, guided them to become the first British team to feature in the European Super League for 2021, but she doesn’t want to stop there

Sarah Margaret Kingsland, Senior Clinical Quality Manager, Regional Head of Infection Prevention and Control at NHS England and NHS Improvement, London Region, received an MBE for services at the NHS, particularly during the Covid-19 response
– Credit: NHS

Judith Martha Tsitsi Machiwenyika, Nurse Consultant at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Huntingdon, for BAME Nursing and Equality Services, particularly in the Covid-19 response

Judith, known as Judy, is President of the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Network at Royal Papworth Hospital

She was born in Zimbabwe where she trained as a general nurse and then moved to South Africa where she also trained as a midwife

Judy was one of the nurses recruited by the NHS during the then Labor government’s campaign to recruit overseas nurses from the years 1997 to 2006

She started her career at the NHS in 1999 and has worked at the Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for 21 years

She was then promoted to a Nurse Consultant role on the ALERT and Advanced Surgical Nurse Practitioners teams and is one of only five nurse consultants at Royal Papworth Hospital

For example, stricter measures have been put in place to ensure that BAME staff are not disproportionately represented in formal disciplinary proceedings’ echoing the issues that have been highlighted by professional bodies and data on racial equality standards in the workforce

“Now, whenever a staff member from BAME goes through disciplinary proceedings, the case is reviewed by the personnel manager and I use a pre-disciplinary tool to make sure the case responds disciplinary criteria and is managed fairly “

Sam is an advisor to the & parliamentary rescue multi-stakeholder group and a founding member of the chair of the RIBA expert advisory group investigating the Grenfell Tower fire

From 2009 to 2013, he acted as an expert witness advising the three families of the three young women and three young children, including a three week old baby, who died in the fire at the Lakanal house on July 3, 2009 in Camberwell

His research led to the creative demolition of Ronan Point and the other eight LPS blocks on the Freemason’s Road estate in Newham London

From 1968 he also advised Paul Foot of Private Eye and said their work not only raised research questions about the construction of the LPS and its relevance to high-rise buildings, but they also discovered the Poulson case

Sylvia May Cundell, Senior Crown Prosecutor East of England, Crown Prosecution Service and Huntingdon, for her law and order services

One of his most high profile cases, and certainly one of the most unusual, has been his handling of the CPS case against a man who collected over 5,000 rare bird eggs in Norfolk

He was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison today and received a 10-year criminal behavior order

Sylvia Cundell remarked: “Laws against the taking of wild bird eggs are there for a reason: to protect species from decline

“The CPS is committed to vigorously prosecuting those who commit crimes against protected wildlife”

Dr Alastair James Burn, Senior Water and Pollution Specialist and Ely, for the Voluntary Service for Nature Conservation in Cambridgeshire

Valérie declared: “I was absolutely amazed; I could have been knocked down with a feather when I got the phone call It’s a great honor “

For 33 of those years she served on the committee and spent eight years as president of the Federation of Ile d’Ely, which she only stepped down in May.

The retired principal was also a school principal for 18 years, a parish counselor for 20 years, organized dances in the village community hall and also the fortnightly lunches for over 60s

She added: “We had to shut down community activities due to the current situation, but we can’t wait to start over as soon as it is safe.”

Andrew said: “At first it was a shock when I found out Then from shock I wondered if I really deserved to get an award like this because there are so many people who do such amazing things there “

He has been volunteering every day since March 29 to work with the Cambridgeshire County Council Center supporting those protecting with packages of essential items

The group also coordinated 3,500 welfare visits across the country and helped struggling families during the crisis with clothes and other items

Dr Tamsin Mary Holland Brown, community pediatrician at Cambridge Community Services NHS Trust, for services rendered to the NHS during Covid-19

Pediatrician Dr Tamsin Mary Holland Brown presented an innovative hearing aid she created to Duke of York Dr Tasmin Brown with Delilah O’Riordan
– Credit: Archant

In 2019, children’s doctor Tamsin Holland Brown presented an innovative hearing aid she created to the Duke of York during an official visit to Cambridge

Dr Holland Brown, who works for the Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust, explained: ‘In nine out of 10 patients, Glue Ear goes away within a year

“Some children are unable to hear well when their ears are sticky, which in turn can affect their speaking, speaking, listening and learning abilities

“I wanted to find a solution for the many other children affected by this common disease

“In my day, I set up the Hear Glue Ear research project and put together an economical headset and microphone

“The headphones use a bone conduction transducer that transmits sound in the form of vibration, through the cheekbones directly to the inner ear, omitting the eardrum and any glue ear”

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the headset can connect to a small microphone attached to the lapel of a parent or teacher allowing the child to hear whatever is being said

For the past 10 years Tamsin has worked as a community pediatrician with a special interest in audiology, first in Suffolk and now in Cambridge

She trained at St George’s Medical School in London and worked at St Thomas’s, Guys ’, Middlesex / UCL and overseas at Royal Perth Hospital and Sydney Childrens Hospital

David John King, specialist ambulance driver at East of England Ambulance Service and Cambridge, for NHS and fundraising services

Dave King is part of the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) which provides NHS paramedical care to anyone in a hazardous environment who would otherwise be beyond the reach of NHS care

The photo is from 2017, when he collected toys and gifts for the children’s ward at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, to distribute at Christmas to children too sick to be home on Christmas Day

Gabriella Pimentel, clinical musculoskeletal specialist at Warrior Sports Rehabilitation and Cambridge, for services to the elderly during Covid-19

Combining a career with elite athletes and a master’s degree in sports medicine, Gaby’s main interests and expertise lie in a field of sports rehabilitation Gaby remains involved in national gymnastics and football

Gaby is an expert in high-level hamstring rehabilitation and general lower extremity injuries, having written articles in both areas for women’s running, CP performance and a variety of other platforms.

Musculoskeletal physio specializing in the treatment of female athletes, she has spent the majority of her career working in a variety of elite environments ranging from English women’s football to Chelsea FC, from British gymnastics to Muay Thai Kickboxing

She currently works in a sports rehabilitation clinic in Shoreditch (Warrior Rehab), in addition to being a lecturer in physiotherapy at St Mary’s University

Dr Michael Paul Weekes, infectious disease clinician at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Cambridge, for his services to the NHS during Covid-19

Dr Michael Paul Weekes, received a BEM for his NHS services during Covid-19


Christopher John Strickland, Fire Chief of the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, received the Queen’s Fire Service Medal (QFSM)

– Credit: CAMBS FIRE

Chris joined the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) as Deputy Fire Chief in 2007, after spending 24 years with the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service where he joined as as a firefighter at the age of eighteen

He spent 12 years as a firefighter before being promoted to station officer, the equivalent of the current role of station commander, before becoming group and then zone commander

After joining the CFRS, Chris spent three years as Deputy Fire Chief before being promoted to Deputy Fire Chief in 2010

Christopher John Strickland, Fire Chief of the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, received the Queen’s Fire Service Medal (QFSM)
– Credit: CAMBS FIRE

Chris was promoted to Fire Chief in 2016 In addition to his responsibilities within CFRS, Chris also chairs the Sector Resource Committee of the National Council of Fire Chiefs (NFCC) and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Resilience Forum

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Resilience Forum (CPLRF) is a multi-agency group of emergency services, local authorities, the military, public health organizations and others who would all have a role to play in play in a disaster or major emergency

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Autism Research Professor at the University of Cambridge
– Credit: Wikimedia Commons (CC)

Simon Baron-Cohen FBA FBPsS FMedSci, 62, is a British clinical psychologist, director of the university’s autism research center and fellow of Trinity College

Professor Usha Claire Goswami FBA, Professor of Cognitive Developmental Neurosciences at the University of Cambridge
– Credit: University of Cambridge

Professor Usha Claire Goswami FBA, Professor of Cognitive Developmental Neurosciences at the University of Cambridge was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her services to educational research

Usha Goswami is a Fellow of St John’s College who returned to Cambridge in 2003, after leaving the department in 1997 to become Professor of Cognitive Developmental Psychology at the Institute of Child Health, University College London

Before arriving in Cambridge in 1990, she held academic positions at the University of Oxford and the University of Illinois

Dr Sally Ann Forsyth, CEO of Cambridge’s Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst received an OBE for her services to business and science

Stuart Paul Gibbons, Managing Director of Le Mark Group and Holme, for International Trade Services

On his company website, Stuart gives an overview of his tastes (spending time with family and friends, drinking wine, being able to say “I did that” and finding time to read)

/ p>

He also doesn’t like “wearing baseball caps back to front (then squinting in the sun), my own mistakes, not having a goal every day, unruly kids”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? “The word” interesting “is neither” yes “nor” no “and it saves you time to make the right decision

“It’s a very simple answer, a necessity Everything happened very quickly, from being part of a business family to going solo in a week!

“Regardless of the age of 29, anything was possible and I saw this as an opportunity to not only provide for my family but also to test and unlock a new entrepreneurial part of me”

Thirty-four years later, he says: “The Mark continues to grow, to evolve and as an entity it is much more than I had imagined

“He has his own family, his own regional political voice &, as well as a unique sense of social conscience

“It has become ‘just’ a business, it is now a fully fledged entity and continues to exceed my wildest dreams”

Professor Valerie Gibson, Professor of High Energy Physics at the University of Cambridge
– Credit: University of Cambridge

Professor Valerie Gibson, Professor of High Energy Physics at Cambridge University received an OBE for her service to science, women in science and public engagement

Professor Gibson holds an Honors BA in Physics from the University of Sheffield (1983) and a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics (1986), The Queen’s College, Oxford

She was a member of the Experimental Physics Division at CERN (1987-89) and came to Cambridge in 1989 as a SERC Advanced Fellow, held concurrently with the Stokes Senior Fellowship at Pembroke College (1989-1994 )

She was appointed Senior Lecturer and Fellow of Trinity College in 1994, Lecturer in 2006, received a Principal Fellowship from the Royal Society Leverhulme Trust (2007-08) and became a Professor in 2009

Dr Roger Michael Owen Hall, Medical Director of the Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Cambridge, for services to the NHS and the Covid-19 response in the east of England

He studied medicine at the University of Otago in New Zealand and completed his specialist training in the UK, New Zealand and Australia

From 1991-2002 he was a consultant at Green Lane Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, practicing cardiac anesthesia and pediatric and adult intensive care before moving to Papworth Hospital

He started his career at Shell, working in the Middle East, then held positions at QA plc and the University of Nottingham

Isobel Sheldon, Business Development Director at UK Battery Industrialization Center and Huntingdonshire, for Automotive Battery Technology Services

Battery maker Britishvolt appointed Isobel Sheldon in June as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Head of the Advisory Board, to support the construction of the UK’s first large-scale cell gigafactory

The company said that in his new role, Isobel’s familiarity with the global battery landscape would allow him to lead a “local” initiative and become an integral part of Britishvolt in the production of high lithium-ion cells. performance

Having accumulated almost 20 years of experience in the lithium-ion battery industry, she joined the company from the government-backed UK Battery Industrialization Center (UKBIC), which aims to make the country a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of cells for vehicle electrification – where she was Director of Business Development

She described her aim to “develop a robust, risk-based plan that will help revitalize and strengthen the UK manufacturing sector, and honor its legacy and excellence in lithium-ion batteries

“This is not only one of the most exciting green projects currently underway in the world, for the automotive and energy sectors, but it will be of enormous national significance as UK government seeks to fulfill its green agenda and Road to Zero Goals

“The lithium-ion cell industry is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic modern technological areas around, on which Britishvolt’s 30-plus GWh Gigafactory is ideally positioned to capitalize on, potentially creating more than 4,000 jobs for the UK economy “

Dr Nicholas Keith Coni, co-founder of the University of the Third Age, Cambridge, for educational services for the elderly

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