Ebene News – GB – Michael Sheen honors the Queen to avoid being labeled a “hypocrite”

Golden Globe-nominated star of The Queen and Masters Of Sex, Michael Sheen, honored by Queen Elizabeth II could disclose his views on the British monarchy without being labeled a hypocrite

Speaking in a YouTube interview with Guardian columnist Owen Jones, the Welsh actor said he issued an Order of the British Empire (OBE) he received in 2009 for his services at the theatre

He quietly returned the honor in 2017 after researching Wales’ relationship with England at the Raymond Williams Society conference He spoke about his unease with practices such as delivery of the title of Prince of Wales to the heir to the throne, although this individual is English

“Raymond Williams wrote an article called Who Speaks For Wales in 1971 – and I took that as a starting point for the conference as in Who Speaks For Wales now?” said Sheen, who played the former prime minister Tony Blair in The Queen

“And in my research, to do this lecture, I learned a lot about Welsh history By the time I finished typing this lecture I remember sitting there and saying to myself ‘well I have a choice’ either not giving this talk and having my OBE or I am giving this talk and I am returning the OBE I wanted to do the talk so i returned my OBE “

Sheen said he didn’t want to disrespect the gesture and that he was “incredibly honored” to receive the gong in 2009 “I didn’t mean to disrespect, but I just realized I would be hypocritical if I said what I was going to say in the conference on the nature of the relationship between Wales and the British state “, he added

Michael Sheen

Ebene News – GB – Michael Sheen pays homage to the Queen to avoid being labeled a “hypocrite”

Source: https://deadline.com/2020/12/michael-sheen-hands-back-obe-from-queen-elizabeth-ii-1234662775/