Ebene News – GB – Mick attacks Max and swears to kill him for harassing Linda in EastEnders

Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) made his feelings clear to EastEnders tonight (February 18), hitting Max Branning (Jake Wood)) and vowed to kill him if he doesn’t stop harass Linda (Kellie Bright)

Max is determined to win Linda’s affection, even though she’s made it clear that she doesn’t like him

He blackmails Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), threatening to put him behind bars if he doesn’t do what he asks and gives him what he wants

Queen Vic, has signed with Mick again, as he apparently hopes Linda will leave her 30-year-old husband for him if he gets Mick the Vic

Obviously, he doesn’t really know Linda at all if he thinks such a thing, but nonetheless, he’s determined to see his plan through, and tonight’s edition of the BBC soap opera One saw him attempt to tease Linda with a surprise

Of course, her actions backfired on him, because when Linda found out he knew the truth about Mick’s abuse, she was seething and wasting little time reporting Jack (Scott Maslen) to the police for having violates his oath as a police officer

When Mick heard that Max was not only aware of his abuse, but had continually harassed Linda in hopes of a reunion, he went to have a word

Naive Max told Mick that Linda was only with him out of pity, and Mick saw red, as he punched Max hard and sent him flying through one of the tables in the Queen Vic!

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Ebene News – GB – Mick attacks Max and swears to do it kill him for harassing Linda in EastEnders

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