Ebene News – GB – Morning star Eamonn Holmes divides fans with his unusual technique to de-stress

The This Morning star took to Twitter on Wednesday to share his unusual technique – and it turned out to be a bit of a divisive among her fans

“Sorry… can’t tweet I’m distressing Try it,” the 61-year-old wrote, reposting a clip showing a panda eating a stick of cane

The video was originally posted to the ‘Nature & Animals’ Twitter account, with the caption: “Studies have shown that listening to the sound of Pandas enthusiastically munching on sugar cane may temporarily lower the level. stress up to 27%”

Eamonn fans were quick to comment on the clip, with a number admitting they struggled with the sound of the chewing

“Lovely Panda – but I had to mute it! People or animals who chew hard annoy me !! Sorry Eamonn – this is distressing for me!” one admitted

A second echoed, “Very cute, I’m not sure that distresses me because I’m one of those people who get irritated by noisy jaws!” A third joked: “My husband looks like he eats celery sticks and it doesn’t relieve stress in any way!”

It’s a busy week for Eamonn The TV star and his wife Ruth Langsford returned to This Morning this week as the mid-term cover of Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

After their first appearance earlier this week, a jubilant viewer tweeted that it was “the best thing that has happened in 2021 so far!” while another simply said it was “fantastic news”

ITV has announced that Eamonn and Ruth will be leaving their usual Friday presentation slot to make way for Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, with Eamonn and Ruth filling in for vacations and breaks

In December, the couple said their goodbyes on Instagram Eamonn posted an image of the pair receiving an NTA award, alongside the caption: “We bow to 15 years of our Friday slot on This Morning today. ‘hui Thanks for the memories, I hope we made them for you too Until February, may it be a merry Christmas for you all ”, he wrote

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Eamonn Holmes, This Morning, Ruth Langsford, ITV

Ebene News – GB – Morning star Eamonn Holmes divides fans with his unusual technique to de-stress

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