Ebene News – GB – Neville creates WhatsApp group with rival experts in the fight against Big Six

Manchester United fans demonstrated live against the Glazers on Sky Sports on Sunday with Gary Neville passionately defending their actions and he took the Big Six fight to the next level

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Gary Neville has formed a WhatsApp group and invited rival pundits as he seeks to continue his fight against the Big Six

This comes in light of the shocking scenes seen at Old Trafford on Sunday where more than 200 fans stormed the pitch

With further protests away from home, Manchester United and Liverpool have been barred from playing

With the Premier League and the police, the decision has been taken to postpone the match

Fans protested against Glazers ownership to United, sparked by recent plans to transition to a European Super League

Although the club have since revoked their interest in joining the competition, the bad blood is still there

And Neville was particularly vocal in his condemnation of the Red Devils, as well as the five other Premier League clubs who were looking to go their separate ways

According to the Daily Mail, the Sky Sports expert has taken another step forward in his battle after creating a WhatsApp group

Presenter Jake Humphrey has also been included, along with his Sky Sports friend Jamie Carragher

Neville aims to unify the media in their attempts to prevent a future decision to abandon traditional competitions and preserve the Premier League

The former United star has often emphasized the need to ‘mobilize’ and fight the Big Six owners and tackle their greed

A call has already taken place with members of the group and another is scheduled for Tuesday to discuss what the media can do more

Sky Sports and BT Sport have had several experts denouncing the goals of the now defunct Super League

He said he had a major impact on the clubs, who all decided to pull out of their plans to go their separate ways and form their own competition

Coupled with threats of punishment from UEFA and overwhelming disgust from supporters, it led to the European Super League being scrapped 48 hours after its announcement

Gary Neville

Ebene News – GB – Neville creates WhatsApp group with rival experts in the fight against the Big Six

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