Ebene News – GB – New Zealand rings 2021 as the world begins to celebrate New Year’s Eve

ew Zealand rang in 2021 with a spectacular fireworks display and light show in Auckland

Thousands of people have gathered on the port foreshore to celebrate the New Year – with crowds free to mingle as the country enjoys an absence of coronavirus cases

Samoa, an island nation in the South Pacific, was the first to mark the New Year at 10am GMT, followed by New Zealand at 11am GMT

The nation, which successfully cleared the coronavirus after a strict seven-week lockdown, kicked off its New Year’s celebrations with skycity fireworks and vector lights on Auckland Harbor Bridge

Before the fireworks display and five-minute light show, some residents headed to the America’s Cup Village to celebrate with free entertainment starting at 2 p.m., according to NZ Herald

People hold placards and balloons with the number 2021 during New Years celebrations in Amritsar

A general view shows the Opera House and Harbor Bridge hours before a fireworks display to celebrate New Years in Sydney

The numbers of the year 2021 painted with light in front of an illuminated Christmas tree

Thai devotees lie in coffins during a resurrection ceremony at Wat Takien in hopes of cleansing themselves of bad karma during their ‘rebirth’ on December 31, 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand

A man dressed as a “garland monster” makes waves during New Years celebrations in Auckland, New Zealand,

Hairdresser shaves in “2021” for client to welcome the New Year at hair salon in Ahmedabad, India

Restaurant-goers are seen dining alfresco as part of the ‘Street Feasts’ festival, an initiative created by the City of Melbourne in lieu of New Year’s fireworks in celebration of the New Year o

Last year, millions of people flocked to watch fireworks at Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia, but due to the daily growth of the virus in the country, authorities are advising revelers to watch at the television this year

Residents were only allowed to enter Sydney city center if they had a restaurant reservation or were one of five customers of a city center apartment

Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp said: “For the first time in many, many years, we’ve made the big decision, the tough decision to cancel the fireworks display

“We did it because we know it draws up to 450,000 people to the city for a while at midnight to enjoy a spectacular show and music. We’re not doing that this year “

Taiwan was hosting its usual New Year’s Eve celebration, a fireworks display near the iconic tower of its capital, Taipei 101, as well as a flag-raising ceremony in front of the Presidential Office building the following morning The Island has been successful in the pandemic, recording just seven deaths and 700 confirmed cases of Covid-19

Even major cities in Taiwan have cut back on New Year’s Eve events and are telling people to watch fireworks and other festivities in their homes, after the first case of the highly infectious variant of the coronavirus discovered in origin in Great Britain

Other countries including Japan, South Korea and North Korea set to enter the New Year at 3 p.m. (GMT)

In the UK, government officials have warned Britons to cancel New Years parties because ‘Covid loves crowds’

The warning came when the government launched a public information campaign to encourage people to see their homes in early 2021

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Ebene News – GB – New Zealand rings in 2021 as the world begins to celebrate the new Year

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