Ebene News – GB – Nicky Campbell opens up on bipolar disorder diagnosis – ‘It all fell on me’

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Nicky Campbell, 59, opened up in recent months about her late diagnosis of bipolar disorder in 2020 People with bipolar disorder have episodes of depression and mania Opening up to the period leading up to her diagnosis on ITV’s Lorraine: “For the last 11 years on Long Lost Family, people have been so honest with us, unbelievably honest it’s my turn to be honest “He revealed on one particular day when he collapsed:” Falling to my knees, everything fell on me, just sobbing “

He revealed that his wife Tina knew what was going on before his diagnosis

What helped Campbell the most was his love for dogs and animals: “Tina said come back to your family, come back to me, come home to Maxwell

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He spoke more the day he “collapsed”: “I was doing a radio show with my brilliant colleague Rachel Burden on Radio 5 Live Breakfast

“She’s such a good woman, she kinda knew when I wasn’t on it and she would cover me up She’s just wonderful”

He continued, “I love animals, I think we have to take care of animals – they are so exploited I became obsessed with this I wanted to save every animal

“One morning I was looking at elephants that had died on a railroad tracks in India and I was just helpless

“I got off at Euston station to go to Manchester, Salford where the 5 Live studios were located, and I collapsed on the floor crying

He added: “I was there I called Tina and I said ‘It happened I don’t know if I can go on’ and she said ‘Come home Come see the children, come back to me and come see Maxwell ‘

Bipolar disorder is quite common, with one in 100 people diagnosed at some point in their life

Symptoms are depression and mania – depression feels very weak and lethargic and mania feels very high and overactive

The high and low phases of bipolar disorder after often so extreme that they interfere with daily life, explains the NHS

These are aimed at controlling the effects of an episode and helping a person with bipolar disorder live life as normally as possible

Campbell talks more about his bipolar diagnosis in his book One of the Family: Why A Dog Called Maxwell Changed My Life

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Ebene News – EN – Nicky Campbell opens up on the diagnosis of bipolar disorder – “Everything is ran into me ‘

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