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Outriders is a shooting game that wants to make you feel powerful, and that is by making the most of the four classes in the game

Once you’re locked into your class choice, you’ll want to use their unique skills and class buffs to make sure you’re as formidable as Enoch’s deadliest foes.

While your character cannot change classes at will, there is a lot of flexibility in the class skills unlocked throughout the campaign, so be sure to take advantage of whatever suits your needs. gameplay style

We provide our top class Outriders recommendations, along with a list of class skills, to help you make up your mind

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In Outriders, you start with a tutorial-based prologue showing humans arriving on the planet Enoch to begin the colonization efforts, which quickly goes horribly wrong. This is where you also become Altered and learn new superhuman abilities

It’s only after the prologue ends, however, that you personally decide what powers you’ve actually gained, and that’s broken down into four different classes.

Each has their own unique playstyle, consisting of different unlockable class skills and a class tree with additional passive skills The four classes available in Outriders are:

It’s important to note that once you’ve made your choice, your character will stay in this class for the entire game – so if you’re not happy you’ll need to create another character

Fortunately, you can create multiple characters on your account (six in total) If you change your mind, you have the option to skip the prologue so you can jump right into the action

In addition, there is a pool where items can be shared between classes, providing a degree of progression to be shared between them

Regardless of the class, you will always have access to the same variety of weapons, from sniper rifles and machine guns to shotguns While some classes improve these weapons in different ways (the Technomancer can see damage from long-range weapons increased by 15%, for example), each has a lot of freedom to customize their skills that support your playstyle.

For example, class skills can offer buffs, deal class specific damage, or inflict status effects on enemies While you can unlock a total of eight skills, you can only equip three at a time (activated by pressing the left or right shoulder buttons, or both at the same time) which can be customized in the tab. Menu skills

You will also earn class points which can be spent on your class tree, which will develop your class with passive skills

Class trees are divided into three branches made up of small and large nodes, granting bonuses to your character’s attributes or higher percentage bonuses affecting other skills respectively While each branch is unique for each class, they are basically grouped into weapon damage, survival, or anomaly power.

With so many nodes to upgrade, it’s actually not possible to complete all of the trees by the time you reach your character’s max level, so you are encouraged to adapt the class tree to your liking. gameplay style

The good news is that you can reset your class tree and redistribute class points at any time and at no additional cost.

While there is no better class – and each class has been designed so that it is possible to complete the game solo – there are definite advantages over the other, although this also depends in part on your playing style and experience

Also, be aware that cooperation is limited to only three players, so it is not possible to have a perfectly balanced team of the four classes

The Technomancer might not be as appealing for solo play, but if you’re planning on playing co-op, it’s definitely worth having a character available. We recommend that you always have a Technomancer on a team while the other two balance out with different classes

In other words, you would ideally want your three-person teams to consist of a Technomancer, Pyromancer, and Devastator, or Technomancer, Deceiver, and Devastator.

If you’re still not sure what to choose, read on for a more detailed description of each class and their skills.

The Technomancer is a support class that excels at long range and can heal their teammates as well as themselves.Using the powers of the anomaly, they can use items to interrupt and deal damage to enemies while eliminating enemies from afar

Class Traits that come with Technomancer include a 15% long range weapon damage increase, 15% skill leech increase, and a 15% weapon leech increase Their innate leech abilities allow them to heal themselves by only hurting enemies, which also heals their teammates.

Since Technomancer is a support class, it’s not the most ideal class for solo players, especially if you can’t use your skills to heal your teammates, while the focus on long range is contrary to the aggressive combat encouraged in the game

Nonetheless, their skills can really complement their firepower, whether it’s freezing enemies in place or weakening them with Toxic. Once you unlock Fixing Wave, this will be an essential skill to equip when you need to do some emergency care for the whole team.

Next, consider having at least one skill that can inflict status effects like Cryo Turret while still being able to interrupt enemies with Pain Launcher

The Pyromancer is a mid-range class that uses fire to deal damage and inflict status effects, healing itself while enemies burn alive

Class Traits include 10% more Anomaly Power, while marking enemies with skills will damage them for 15 seconds Killing a marked target heals the Pyromancer for 24% of his maximum health

Pyromancer is a lot like the party launcher, given the added power of Anomaly, although that does involve having to line up your abilities while juggling the rest of the battlefield.

This isn’t the most ideal class for solo play either, so consider making them work their magic in co-op when you can get the support of a Technomancer or Devastator to attack your enemies.

Closest to a class of assassins that excels at close range while being agile, the Trickster may require more skill to use but is ultimately one of the funniest, employing hit-and-miss tactics. run to deliver deadly blows up close before slowing your enemies down as you escape

Class Traits include 5% increased maximum health, active shield that dampens 5% damage while each close range kill heals for 20% of your maximum health and grants 12% shield

Slow Trap is an essential skill for slowing down enemies that you and your teammates can take out, or otherwise slowing incoming bullets as you move to another point of view

Hunt the Prey is also great for warping just behind enemy lines to take out an enemy from behind, although swapping it for borrowed time might be better later if you’d rather have an escape route to the advance when things get hairy

However, with the Trickster’s shield and its ability to heal from close range attacks, the risk of getting caught in the thick of it can be extremely rewarding when you get enough kills to recover the lost hit points.

The in-game tank, the Devastator takes over, covering teammates while absorbing incoming fire and perfect for anyone looking to just get stuck up close and personally for maximum damage

Class Traits include 15% increased maximum health and increased armor by 30% while each close range kill heals them for 24% of their maximum health – all the more reason to get closer and closer. go to town

The Devastator will already have enough health and armor to withstand enemy damage, but skills like Golem and Reflect Bullets will make them even more unstoppable

It might slow them down if you try to rush the enemy, but this is where Gravity Leap comes in handy for jumping into the air and then picking a target to hit from above

Use the class tree to customize their skills to be as aggressive and defensive as you prefer, but if there is a group of enemies in your path, they should be able to charge straight in with no problem.

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