Ebene News – GB – Premier League clubs could ‘kill thousands’ by pushing for quarantine exemption, health expert warns

Premier League clubs could be responsible for the deaths of “thousands” if they were given a special government exemption for players returning to the UK from its international rights in countries of the ` “ red list ” next month

This is the opinion of a public health expert in light of Sportsmail’s exclusivity that top teams plan to submit requests to Whitehall for the appropriate waiver allowing their stars to travel to banned destinations without the need for a mandatory 10-day quarantine on their return

Right now ‘red list’ destinations include Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Portugal and South Africa This would mean Liverpool’s Alisson Becker, Fabinho and Roberto Firmino (all from Brazil), Bruno Fernandes from Manchester United (Portugal), James Rodriguez from Everton (Colombia) and Giovani Lo Celso from Tottenham (Argentina) are reportedly affected, to name a few

It remains to be seen whether government officials will allow footballers to fulfill their international obligations, but there is hope that an arrangement can be found provided the players leave their club’s bio-secure bubble and immediately enter that of their country

Currently there are no exemptions for elite athletes returning from Red List destinations and Professor Keith Neal, a public health expert at the University of Nottingham, insists that it should stay that way in order to prevent more lives being lost to the coronavirus pandemic

“It’s incredibly risky and it’s just not worth taking the risk,” he told Sportsmail

‘The Red List is designed to stop the most serious and dangerous variants We don’t want them in the country, period And there are a lot of variants in Brazil

‘The player would be in airports, airplanes and hotels He would meet players and staff from those countries, where infection rates are also high This is a complete “no no”

‘We’re vaccinating left, right and center We’re on track to drive Covid into the ground The only threat to get out of lockdown is a variant that escaped the vaccine

‘If the players want to leave and want to quarantine themselves in a hotel on their return, that’s fine

‘If they brought in a variant that was in fact a vaccine leak, it could spread and kill thousands of people’

As it stands, government travel restrictions mean players will have to self-isolate in a hotel for 10 days upon returning from international service if they have flown to a country on the list of UK bans

Last week, FIFA released new guidelines that state clubs are not required to release players when a mandatory quarantine period of five days or more is required upon their return

Some clubs could use FIFA rules to block players from showing up for duty next month However, some players have privately expressed to clubs that they would still prefer to represent their country

Top-tier clubs fear major disruption to their squads after international matches end in March due to government regulations

More than 40 Premier League players are likely to be affected, with clubs most affected likely being Manchester City, Wolves, Everton, Liverpool and Tottenham

As reported earlier this month, an analysis of top players reveals that 41 of them have been called up to affected countries in the past two years Of that, 15 have played for Portugal – including six Wolves and three Manchester City

While these Portuguese players would have to self-isolate on their return if they played for their home national team against Azerbaijan on March 24, the rules do not appear to require them to self-quarantine if they join the team. ‘team outside the country

Portugal will visit Serbia on March 27 and Luxembourg on March 30 and neither of these countries is currently subject to a travel ban

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Ebene News – GB – Premier League clubs could ‘kill thousands’ by pushing for a quarantine exemption, notify a health expert

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