Ebene News – GB – Prince Charles under fire: PETA takes aim at royal family for ‘cruel’ Sandringham traps

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Longtime environmentalist Prince of Wales urged to act and remove ‘cruel’ traps from royal estate The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation has said Charlies should act quickly to ” avoid further deaths “

This happened after Nell, a companion dog, was caught in one of the traps before being released just in time by her owner

PETA said: “The snares consist of a metal knot that tightens when the trapped animal struggles. They are unnecessary, dangerous and cruel

“In their desperate attempts to escape, animals can be strangled or suffer horrific and sometimes fatal injuries that could become infected

“Their distress is so extreme that we know that the animals bite their limbs, desperate for a chance at freedom

“Snares are also indiscriminate, mutilating any animal unfortunate enough to approach them – as Nell’s case shows”

They added: “By banning these contraptions on the Sandringham Estate you will not only prevent further death and suffering, but you will also be setting a positive example of peaceful coexistence with wildlife and other animals

“We hope to hear from you soon that these unnecessary, cruel and dangerous devices will be permanently removed from Sandringham’s estate”

This comes after a Nell nearly lost his life on the estate, parts of which are open to the public

The dog’s owner told The Independent: “Hearing your dog bark in distress, then realizing that she was caught around her neck in a metal snare was heartbreaking.”

The owner, who has not been named, has managed to free her beloved pet, but experts have warned the dog could have died had it not been found

These include a protected species of owl that was killed after being trapped in one of the snares, according to the newspaper

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A spokesperson for the Royal Family, speaking after the incident, said: “We would love to be able to speak to the dog’s owner to understand where and how it happened, as our policy is that the traps are located a good distance from any public right of way

“As a work area, Sandringham uses traps to protect wildlife, crops and livestock and adheres to all appropriate standards and regulations as required” All traps are subject to daily checks by estate staff “

The Prince of Wales has long championed environmental causes and last month launched a new initiative to mark half a century of campaigning

His Terra Carta project aims to persuade companies to join a charter to fight against climate change

The Terra Carta aims to raise £ 7 billion in green investments by 2022 through the Natural Capital Investment Alliance

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Ebene News – GB – Prince Charles under fire: PETA attacks royal family for ‘cruel’ Sandringham traps

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1399566/prince-charles-snare-traps-peta-sandringham-animal-rights-environment