Ebene News – GB – Ralf Little spent thousands adopting a stray puppy from Guadeloupe

The 41-year-old actor was filming “Death In Paradise” on the Caribbean island, and he fell in love with the dog so much he had to transport her home to the United States

He said: “There are lots of stray dogs in Guadeloupe We were filming at night and we walked to this place which was a bar and this little black bitch, she was three months old, comes and bounces like an idiot

“Instead of being a little sane and keeping her distance, she said, ‘Hi everyone! “Death happy to see us all

“Everywhere, I go on, I do the scene, we finish for the night and we go back to base and the woman who is the costume supervisor has picked her up under her arm and walks with her”

Ralf had already decided to name her the titular character of ‘Dora the Explorer’, and they formed a bond while the costume department worked hard to secure her a home in London.

He explained: “They got her a European passport, they got her vaccinated against rabies, they got her worm pills, they took her to the vet and they were ready to take her home. – they had found a family in the UK where she was going “

However, a few months later, pandemic flight restrictions meant they couldn’t bring the dog back to the UK, so the actor decided to fly him 1,366 miles to his home in Florida, where he lives with screenwriter Lindsey Ferrentino

He added: “You wouldn’t believe the time and effort it took to get her to the US To cure her I probably spent around £ 2000 She’s just gorgeous”

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Ralf Little

Ebene News – GB – Ralf Little has spent thousands adopting a stray puppy from Guadeloupe

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