Ebene News – GB – Rihanna faces backlash for wearing Ganesha pendant in ‘disrespectful’ photo

Rihanna has been criticized for an “disrespectful” Instagram post that shows her wearing a pendant depicting the Hindu god Ganesha One commentator writes: “You are wearing a deity necklace and a Murthi (an image of a sacred figure such as a deity) from my culture which has already been sufficiently culturally appropriate in recent years “

“How’s it going when a person has more resources than enough to at least find out the meaning and significance of the chains and the pendant around their neck?”

Images of Ganesha are commonly available in India, a predominantly Hindu country, but other users have criticized the context in which the pendant is worn “I hope she returns the necklace as she clearly doesn’t know how to wear it, “another comment read” It’s a crazy disrespect “The photo itself shows Rihanna wearing nothing but Savage x Fenty boxer shorts and jewelry, with a caption referencing to Popcaan’s Naked lyrics: “Me nuh wan ya wear no lingerie thisight fa me girl”

Rihanna had already sparked claims of cultural appropriation last year, when she presented Cuckoo Chloe’s song “Doom” – which samples a recording of a hadith – on her show Savage x Fenty In her apologies, she called the choice of the soundtrack an “honest but negligent mistake,” adding, “I don’t play with any kind of disrespect to God or any religion and so the use of the song in our project was completely irresponsible! In the future, we will make sure that nothing like this happens again “

In 2019, she was also criticized for a cover of Harper’s Bazaar China that saw her dressed in modern interpretations of traditional Chinese dress, hair and makeup, although many were quick to point out that the images were the product. from a whole Chinese Creative Team for a Chinese magazine In China, the responses to the cover were overwhelmingly positive

This time around, however, the Hindu community itself criticized Rihanna, accusing her of carelessly using their religion as an aesthetic. “Stop using our religion and culture for your aesthetic,” it reads a response to the photo on Twitter “It’s very sad and disappointing” See more reactions below

I love Rihanna but this is not the first time that she has disrespected a religion, and I am tired of no one talking about anything to the cultures and religions of South Asia.

I read that I appreciate you and love you, but the necklace you wear is not right at all, stop using our religion and our culture for your aesthetic, it is very sad and disappointing

okay but aren’t we going to talk about Rihanna wearing a Ganesh pendant in her photo she posted today? Hindu appropriation is not an AESTHETIC !!!

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Ebene News – GB – Rihanna faces backlash for wearing Ganesha pendant in “disrespectful” photo

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