Ebene News – GB – Roald Dahl’s new film is another exploitative biopic, money-trafficking tragedy

To Olivia, on the death of Dahl’s seven-year-old daughter, fraudulently reshuffles Dahl’s timelines and life choices for further drama

How important is the accuracy of a biopic? It’s a question everyone raises, some managed to ignore the shoulders and some didn’t. Directly after watching Roald Dahl and Patricia Neal’s grieving story in To Olivia this week, I did a quick check of the facts and realized that the whole structure of the movie was bogus The life-changing career decisions it shows after the death of their eldest, Olivia, actually predate this loss All of a sudden, this discovery undermined any emotional truth that the film purported to represent.In addition to its general weakness, I had to blame myself for fraud

There are a million ways to use Creative License wisely without capsizing a project The fact that The Social Network begins with Mark Zuckerberg getting dumped by a fictional character – in fact, he had a girlfriend all over the place. throughout this phase of his life – is more of a concern to Mark Zuckerberg than the rest of us You won’t find me too addicted to scriptwriting freedoms in Raging Bull, which squeezes the actual characters of Jake La Motta’s brother, Joey (Joe Pesci) and his friend / biographer Pete Savage into the same person.

Meanwhile, being nine inches taller than TE Lawrence obviously didn’t stop Peter O’Toole from giving the performance of his life Even though the confluences of Lawrence of Arabia’s story have occasionally angered time the scholars, they did very little damage to his legacy You can call all of these cinematic myth creation examples, which maneuver aside, but use them to advance a theme intelligently or symbolize a larger truth.

Problems arise when artistic justification is on a more difficult footing Of all the errors of taste that made Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) such a superficial show, there is one that has particularly infuriated its critics Making the 1985 Live Aid finale its emotional climax, the film played quickly and freely with the timeline This may not seem like the gravest sin, but what was betrayed and changed to effect was the tricky question of Freddie Mercury’s HIV diagnosis

According to his partner, Jim Hutton, Mercury didn’t find out he was HIV positive until April 1987 So the big scene where he reveals this to the rest of the band, before Live Aid, is a sham, designed to do put together a huge payload of sad foreknowledge on its imminent setting It does not do justice to the story of Mercury, or the complex history of AIDS, to rig this bomb simply to bombard the public with an otherwise undeserved emotion.

I remember 2018 as a particularly bad year at the Oscars for making a pig’s ear out of true stories Best Picture winner Green Book has been decried as “a symphony of lies” by the brother of Mahershala Ali’s character, Dr Donald Shirley – one of the many surviving relatives who were appalled at the general angle of the film Friendship at the Heart of the Friendship between Shirley and Viggo Mortensen’s driver, Tony Vallelonga, they say, has been exaggerated out of proportion, as has the script’s insistence that Dr Shirley be separated from her three surviving brothers

No family member was consulted before the film – co-written and produced by Nick, Vallelonga’s son – took place (Vallelonga claims this was because Shirley specifically asked him not to not talk to them) And so it was that this crowd-pleasing redeemer on race relations came to co-opt and distort the life story of a famous black pianist, with the apparent aim of giving voters the Academy the warm fluff Work done

Deciding which movies cross that dotted line can obviously be a matter of taste, and I’m sure Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book have a lot of fans who don’t care about their fictional elements at all. are wrong, because the more a film insists that “it happened that way” as the primary reason for us to care about its story, the greater its responsibility should be vis-à-vis the real facts

Do I think that’s a huge weakness in The Imitation Game, given Alan Turing’s lawsuits for homosexuality, that he’s shown to have no adult sex life? I’m scared to do it It comes down to castrating him again But even if you had to say that the movie isn’t primarily about all of this, and the Enigma code-cracking plotline had to take priority, it ruins this case. for herself

Onscreen, Turing is blackmailed by Soviet spy John Cairncross, despite security protocols that make it highly unlikely that they have ever met, and betrays the British government into preventing himself. to be denounced So her sexuality is very relevant to this story, but only in a slanderous and totally unverified way. Best Adapted Screenplay, for all of this, came as a shock to the Oscars

The Creative License shouldn’t be used just to ambush or openly manipulate an audience No one watching To Olivia would have any idea of ​​her contraband timeline unless they already know a specific fact – which Patricia Neal has shot all Hud before his daughter died It’s particularly tasteless to address a movie to the dead child while reframing the moment of their death for your dramatic convenience.The Best Biopics, Which Will Never Include This One, Explore Truths That Are Already Stranger Than Fiction , rather than making them weirder by just making them fake

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Ebene News – EN – Roald Dahl’s new film is another exploitative biopic, a tragedy of trafficking against money

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