Ebene News – GB – Sandi Toksvig’s unique life situation with wife Debbie revealed

Sandi Toksvig and his wife Debbie have a very unique living situation, as they live on a barge moored in Wandsworth, South West London

Their floating house has wonderful views of the Thames and Sandi has revealed that her dog Mildred, who also lives on board, loves birding from a spot on the deck

The exterior of the boat is painted blue and it has wooden guide rails that presumably lead to the cabin below

A photo uploaded by the presenter reveals that she has a few neighbors on the waterfront, but they may be commercial vessels that are not actually manned

In an interview with Gransnet, Sandi admitted that she doesn’t spend all of her time on the water “I cheat and I also have a home in Kent for all my books,” she revealed frankly

Fans saw little glimpses of Sandi’s Kent home via her Twitter feed and she already took a photo of her dining room when she hosted her fellow GBBO stars for Christmas dinner

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They were all seated around her extendable dining table which was decorated with twinkling candles, and the room has a minimalist feel with cream walls and wooden floors.

Another image showed the garden at her property in Kent, which appears to be very well maintained with vibrant grass and blossoming bushes.The star also has a patio path laid out in the middle of her lawn

During the US election, Sandi took a photo next to her TV, revealing that her living space is very uncluttered with white walls and door frames, and that she has a glossy white modern unit on which his TV can sit

Sandi is married to psychotherapist Debbie Toksvig and shares three children, Jesse, Megan and Theo with her ex-partner, Peta Stewart

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Sandi Toksvig, Kent, Isle of Sheppey, Elmley National Nature Reserve

Ebene News – EN – Sandi Toksvig’s unique living situation with his wife Debbie revealed

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