Ebene News – GB – Slavia chief alleges Rangers pushed Czechs to face Europa League ax

Jaroslav Tvrdik admits his club are now UK’s most hated following Ondrej Kudela’s 10-game ban for racially abusing Ibrox star Glen Kamara

Slavia Prague led another inflammatory protest against Rangers alleging Ibrox’s club tried to get them kicked out of the Europa League

Czech club president Jaroslav Tvrdik has rekindled tensions between clubs after shameful Slavia defender Ondrej Kudela was hit with a 10-game ban after being convicted of racial abuse of Glen Kamara

Kudela has appealed the suspension but Tvrdik admits his club are now the most vilified in the UK after the last 16 clashes at Ibrox in March

He insists the fallout from the case had a huge impact on Slavia’s reputation and, with one last beard at club Ibrox, alleges Rangers tried to get them out of the tournament

Tvrdik said: “If we give UEFA another excuse to look at us by displaying banners against the decision, or if God forbid another racist banner, it will not turn out well at all We will be excluded from European competition

“And by the way, Rangers worked hard to try to get us out of the Europa League early on

“We have received incredible support in the Czech Republic, but I have to say that we are an extremely unpopular club now in the UK

“Kudela was wrong because he shouldn’t have gone to see Kamara, he shouldn’t have covered his mouth, it shouldn’t have happened He should have just laughed at those opponent’s players , it was ten minutes before the end, he could have just enjoyed it

“So it was a mistake It was his mistake and we apologized for it The fact that the Rangers still did not apologize to our goalkeeper, Ondrej Kolar, for the injuries he suffered say more about them than about us

“I wanted to behave completely correctly, you just have to be reasonable, we are a club with the ambition to be international We want to have sponsors outside the Czech Republic as partners To put it simply, we are building a multicultural international team capable of being the hegemon of Central and Eastern Europe, for example And in this context, it is enough to realize the reality of life

“We have been terribly damaged by the racist banner that our fans, or rather non-fans of the club, have erected I hope they will be identified soon My outrage continues And as long as I am president, the people in question will be banned for life This hurt us terribly in the UK

“Our position remains: we believe the award was unwarranted, but on the other hand one cannot help but notice how the priority not only in the UK but also in UEFA today places ‘hui in the fight against racism And I think this is a subject that Czech football should take very seriously

“We have six African players in the club and we are trying to do more We are a multicultural club and we need to educate our fans about it in the Czech Republic”

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Ebene News – GB – Slavia chief alleges Rangers pushed Czechs to face Europa League ax

Source: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/slavia-prague-chief-claims-rangers-24022602