Ebene News – GB – Snooker Welsh Open 2021: ‘I didn’t know how good it was’ – Ronnie O’Sullivan reveals biggest break

Ronnie O’Sullivan hopes to be inspired by memories of his biggest breakup of all time when he faces old nemesis Ali Carter in the Welsh Open Quarter-Finals (LIVE on Eurosport at 1 p.m.) as he pursues a fifth title at the event

The six-time reigning world champion admits he feels in the same kind of mood at Celtic Manor to extricate himself against all odds which saw him defy logic in the seventh frame of his 18- win 11 vs. Carter in the 2012 Crucible final

O’Sullivan completed 1,088 centuries and counted and maximum 15 pauses in competition – including the fastest 147 in history in just five minutes and eight seconds in 1997 – but credits his 92 with the pink and black out service and colors splashed all over the table as the best effort of his 29-year professional career

He saw famed break-builder Willie Thorne, commenting feverishly on the finale, conclude that “he’d better get over 20 here” before O’Sullivan embarked on mining green gold

O’Sullivan told Eurosport he had no doubts about the boldness of the clearance as he moved away 4-3 from Carter and was never tied again for a third world title – four years after his 18-8 victory over fierce rivals Essex in the 2008 final

“I think the 90s I played in the final against Ali Carter I didn’t realize how good it was until I looked back on it,” O’Sullivan said

“I didn’t come to the table thinking I would clarify I never had a fixed routine People ask me,” How many plans do you think ahead of time? “

“I’m not a methodical thinker I’m catching up with him as I go so it was a really good break”

O’Sullivan has lost only twice to the Masters 2020 finalist in 21 games since 2001, but their most memorable dust saw them rub shoulders in Carter’s 13-9 victory in the 16 latest from the 2018 World Championship

With world number one Judd Trump losing 4-2 Hossein Vafaei in the last 32 at Newport, O’Sullivan is the new 11-8 favorite for a 38th league title

The Welsh Open is also the scene of its all-time favorite 147 when it notched its 12th maximum in the last frame of a 9-3 victory over Ding Junhui in the 2014 final

The tournament snapshot seven years ago saw him float the final red in the green pocket at the bottom of the left-handed cushion before screwing the length of the table down so the black fits the 147 perfectly in front of a lively audience.

“One of the maximums I did against Ding in Wales was doing me really good because there are some good shots in there and good cue ball control,” he said. he commented

O’Sullivan lost just one frame to Zhou Yuelong in a 4-1 win in this year’s last 16 games after three 4-0 wins over Robbie Williams, Jimmy White and Martin Gould respectively to reach the high point of a semi-final of the 80th row

After producing shots of 67, 64 and 89 against the U.K. Championship semi-finalist, he finished with a 74 in fifth frame which recalled his 92 against Carter with the Reds not well placed for a contribution to victory

“Even when you’re playing poorly, you think you have to try and win every frame in one visit,” he explained. “It’s just a normal state of mind for a top player, that you think if you need more of a chance its no good The starting point is i want to clear it up

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Ebene News – GB – Welsh Open Snooker 2021: ‘I didn’t know what point it was good was’ – Ronnie O’Sullivan reveals biggest break

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