Ebene News – GB – Spoilers: Simon’s drug terror after mom Leanne slaps Corrie in the face

Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) deepened his association with drug dealer Jacob (Jack James Ryan) on Coronation Street this evening after a violent confrontation with mum Leanne (Jane Danson)

Friday’s drama saw Leanne discover that the feathers she was collecting thinking they were messages sent by her dead son Oliver had actually been left with her by Simon

In a misguided move that he thought would help his mother, Simon had dropped the feathers close to Leanne, hoping they would drag her out of the apartment and away from the temptation to make expensive calls to a television medium

But Leanne hit the roof when she found it all out and raged against Si, who let her know in plain language how he felt about her behavior

“Oliver is dead He’s not sending you messages. You’re not communicating with him He’s dead!” He cried, before being slapped by Leanne

Sensing that his efforts to do the right thing had come to naught, Simon then decided to take his life in a new and decidedly more dangerous direction when he told Jacob he wanted other jobs. drug trafficking for him

“I’m there, if you still want me All that All I’m here, said a brooding Simon to his infamous friend

Next week’s drama will see Simon start to slip further when he and Jacob are seen smoking spliffs in Victoria Gardens

But events will intensify as the week draws to a close, with Nick’s young son Sam (Jude Riordan) set to see Simon and Jacob threaten another local youth and put him in. the trunk of a car

Having witnessed the assault, Sam flees the scene, but inadvertently takes Simon’s cocaine delivery bag with him Simon’s reckless decision to get involved in gang culture has caused Sam in great danger?

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Ebene News – GB – Spoilers: Simon’s drug terror after mom Leanne l slapped Corrie

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