Ebene News – GB – Stay home for New Years Eve, says intensive care doctor

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People urged to stay home on New Year’s Eve to prevent the “dire” situation in hospitals from getting worse

The Intensive Care Society’s Dr Zudin Puthucheary, who also works at the Royal London Hospital, believes overworked hospital staff will face another peak in Covid-19 admissions after households in some areas have been allowed to mingle on Christmas day

And he fears it will be exacerbated if people choose to celebrate the New Year with their friends and family

When asked if he had a message for the public, Dr Puthucheary told the PA News Agency: “Don’t celebrate New Years Eve with large groups of people, don’t don’t go to the pub – it’s the big thing that will help us

“We know that you will find yourself seriously ill 10-14 days after your Covid infection starts, so if we’re going to face the peak of Christmas, we don’t need a New Years Eve of tip

“And most importantly, our patients don’t need it – they could end up with us at the height of this situation

“Stay at home, celebrate at home, then there will be an opportunity to celebrate and see people later”

Data shows there are more Covid-19 patients in NHS hospitals in England now than there were at any time in the first wave

He said a “large number of patients” were arriving “quickly” and the number was increasing in “every hospital”

“These patients are sick,” he said “They need intensive care, they need all of our support so we don’t have the staff to take care of them

“And the staff we have are in tatters because they’ve been doing this from the start, they’ve been doing it since March”

Yesterday there were> 40,000 new cases of COVID and> 20,000 COVID patients in hospitals in England Every patient needs 24/7 care from a wide range of healthcare professionals @ICS_updates members are under enormous pressure in some areas This is not normal, this is very serious

Dr Puthucheary said focusing on bed occupancy statistics can be misleading as many intensive care units develop their ability to cope with the numbers

“The problem is that they are only beds,” he said. “There is no staff accompanying them

“And if a critically ill patient is basically a patient who needs a little bit of kit – a machine or drugs – to keep him alive, these things don’t work without someone to make him work like this. an intensive care nurse or an intensive care doctor

“Worse still, these things can go wrong very, very quickly, so if you don’t have a highly qualified person to take care of them, they can kill people”

While he says hospitals are used to dealing with annual “winter pressures”, he doesn’t know what to expect if the situation continues to worsen, because “we are way beyond everything. this right now “

“This is what worries a lot of us at night What will happen in this scenario? I don’t know the answer

“I’d like to think we could make it happen, but that’s because I’ve never known in my life that I couldn’t handle it”

“There is no doubt that intensive care staff in the UK are running out of steam,” he said

“A lot of them are breaking down and I just don’t know how we’ll all get them all done this winter”

For now, he says he’s trying to ‘get through the next two weeks’, but remains worried about the effect New Years Eve will have on the infection rate

He added, “We’re also really scared that people will come out and we’ll all have the same New Years Eve issues that we always have – like all the trauma, all the fighting and all the alcohol around – which will overload our emergency services and overload our intensive care services

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Ebene News – GB – Stay home on New Years Eve, says intensive care doctor

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