Ebene News – GB – Taika Waititi to play Blackbeard on Our Flag means death

For a guy with a fairly recognizable voice, Taika Waititi has surprisingly managed to avoid ever being transposed into any type of “Taika Waititi- type” characters… unless you count “the choice” most surprisingly in one thing he runs himself “like guy He played the adorable rock Korg in Thor: Ragnarok, then he played Hitler He played the adorable IG-11 murder nanny on The Mandalorian, and now he’s playing the murderous pirate Blackbeard for HBO’s pirate comedy Max Our Flag Means Death

That last bit is new, as the role of Waititi was announced a few days ago in a press release He’s producing the series and directing the pilot, which we learned in September, and now he will also appear as a version of Blackbeard that the press release calls “a legend, a lover, a fighter, a tactical genius, a poetic soul, and possibly mad” That, strangely, looks like a “type of Taika Waititi”, even if this was not in a thing he runs

As for Our Flag Means Death, the series is loosely inspired by aristocrat Stede Bonnet, who gave up his fantasy life to become a pirate He will be played by Rhys Darby, which means this thing will have a lot of Wacky energy from New Zealand as it is It’s unclear when Our Flag Means Death is coming to HBO Max, but putting on a pirate show during COVID probably seems to be difficult (unless they put people on a real one). ship in the real ocean, in which case it might be easier than doing a non-pirate show) It’s too late now, but a production company in 2020 should have bought one of those unused, virus-riddled cruise ships , after deep cleaning it, then use it as the base for making mobile TV

Taika Waititi

Ebene News – GB – Taika Waititi to play Blackbeard on Our Flag means death

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