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A leading teachers’ union has written to the Premier and Deputy Prime Minister expressing concerns over the return of children from Northern Ireland to class on January 4

The Irish National Teachers’ Organization made an offer on December 23 to work with Education Minister Peter Weir, to address concerns from members struggling to prepare schools for reopening, but who do not ‘received no response from the department

Union secretary for the north, Gerry Murphy, said: “I think education partners would support further changes to the school year for public health reasons to ensure better schools. safe for students, staff and their families in times to come

“INTO remains firmly committed to supporting our 7,000 members in safe workplaces as they strive to teach and support the well-being of their students in school, where children undoubtedly benefit

“However, it is now becoming very clear that the ability of schools to function normally is likely to be seriously compromised due to the increased number of staff and students who will have to isolate themselves and / or restrict movements over the weeks after Christmas “

In the letter, M Murphy highlighted several points the union called to take into account when making an informed judgment about the most appropriate date for schools to reopen.

The union said an extension of school closures for at least a week would give principals and boards time to put improved measures in place before the start of the term Among the problems to be resolved, the union listed:


The Stormont Assembly will be recalled Thursday as pressure mounts on Education Minister Peter Weir to reassess the decision to allow Northern Ireland schools to open normally next week

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The Northern Ireland Assembly recalled to discuss planned reopening of schools amid strict lockdowns


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Ebene News – GB – Teachers’ union expresses concern to leaders in Stormont

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