Ebene News – GB – The 50 Covid hotspots where primary schools will be closed to most students

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced that primaries in a’ small number of areas’ where coronavirus infection rates are highest will not reopen for the face – teaching in front of all students as planned

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Vast swathes of London and the Home Counties are among the coronavirus hotspots in England, where primary schools will remain closed to most students after the festive break ends next week

There are 50 places on the list, including 23 London boroughs and parts of Essex, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and East Sussex The U-turn affects hundreds of thousands of students Scroll down for a full list of zones

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced that primaries in a “small number of areas” with the highest infection rates will not reopen for face-to-face teaching all students as planned

Establishing a contingency plan, he said only vulnerable children and the children of key workers will receive face-to-face instruction during the first week of the quarter starting Monday

His announcement left anxious parents scrambling to find out if their children were affected, but the list was not immediately available online, prompting further criticism of the government’s handling of the crisis

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A total of 49 areas were initially listed, but the total rose to 50 when the Department of Education confirmed that Redbridge in London was mistakenly omitted

A decision to reopen closed schools “will obviously be guided by public health boards,” said M Williamson

All exam-year students will return to secondary schools in England from January 11, while the rest of secondary and college students will return to full-time on January 18, Mr. Williamson in a U-turn on the scheduled reopening

Delay is needed to allow deployment of Covid-19 mass testing, education secretary said

Previous plans involved a phased approach that was to see elementary and grade 11 and 13 students return in the first week of January, with other students returning later in the month to allow principals to school to deploy mass testing of children and staff

This has come as millions more in England will be transferred to Level 4 – Covid-19’s tightest restrictions – as a mutant strain of the virus spreads uncontrollably and exerts pressure overwhelming on the NHS

Three-quarters of England’s population will be in Level 4 by 1201:00 on Thursday (December 31), covering 44 million people

Primary schools in the following 50 zones will not reopen for face-to-face teaching to all students as planned

M Williamson told Members of the House of Commons that the government must make an “immediate adjustment” to plans to reopen schools in early January

He said: “We must always act quickly when circumstances change. Evidence regarding the new variant of Covid and increasing infection rates has necessitated an immediate adjustment in our plans for the new term”

He added: “Latest study we have from Public Health England shows Covid infections in children are triggered by changes in community rate The study also indicates that the wider impact of school closures on children’s development would be significant

“I am very clear that we must continue to do all we can to keep children in school”

Primary schools in “a small number of areas” in England with the highest Covid-19 infection rates will not reopen for face-to-face teaching to all students as planned next week said M Williamson

He said only vulnerable children and the children of key workers will receive in-person education in the first week of the quarter

All exam-year students will return to secondary schools in England from January 11, while the rest of secondary and college students will return to full-time on January 18, Mr. Williamson in a U-turn on the scheduled reopening

He told Commons it was a “last resort” that some schools were to close where infection rates are highest

He added: “We will be opening the majority of primary schools as planned on Monday January 4th We know how essential it is for young children to be in school for their education, well-being and development. large

“In a small number of areas with the highest infection rates, we will be implementing our existing emergency framework, as only vulnerable children and children of critical workers will be present in person

“We will be posting this list of zones today on the UK GOV website I would like to stress that this is only used as a last resort. Not all level 4 zones and the overwhelming majority of primary schools will open as scheduled on Monday “

Universities are also urged to reduce the number of students returning to campus from the start of next month, Mr. Williamson, adding that students who need hands-on learning to gain their professional qualifications should be given priority

He said all college students should be offered two rapid tests for coronavirus when they return to campus

Boris Johnson said unless schools are in areas with very high infection rates, parents should allow their children to return home

“Send your children, send your family to school as usual, it’s completely normal”

The Prime Minister added that the measures surrounding the schools should “combat the mixture which occurs naturally in the schools”

Outlining plans for the return of pupils to secondary schools after the Christmas holidays, he said: “In secondary schools all vulnerable children and children of critical workers will return next week across England as initially planned, but we will ask students of the exam year in secondary to learn remotely during the first week of the term and return to class from January 11

“The other high school students – groups without exam – will come back a week later, from January 18th”

However, M Johnson suggested that these plans might change again based on infection rates and added: “I would like to stress that depending on the spread of the disease, it may be necessary to take additional measures in their cases as well. than in the worst case affected areas “

Wednesday’s plan change comes after expert warnings suggesting a delayed return may be needed as hospitals struggle with more Covid-19 patients than at the peak of wave one

Kate Green, shadow secretary for education, said: “Gavin Williamson has told parents the ‘overwhelming majority’ of primary schools will open on January 4

“An hour later, he announced that hundreds of thousands of children will have their schools closed indefinitely

“He must return to Parliament tonight to correct the record, be honest about the numbers, apologize to parents and outline his plans for students to learn and support parents

“Parents have yet to turn eleventh hour due to this government’s inability to conduct testing and its inability to control the virus Only a government totally disconnected from the needs of working families would treat them with such contempt “

Immediately after the announcement, Shadow Schools Minister Wes Streeting tweeted: “The first thing parents will do after this statement is to look online to see if their schools are open.

Shadow Continuing Education and Universities Minister Emma Hardy tweeted: “Why tell parliament some schools will not open as ‘normal’ and provide a list of affected schools! total mess “

Dr Mary Bousted, joint secretary general of the National Education Union, said he was “surprised” by M Williamson

Dr Bousted added that the NEU does not believe schools are “safe enough” for staff to work in

She said: “With warnings from leading scientists of ‘impending disaster’ unless the whole of the UK is locked down, and with more cases in hospitals than ever before and our NHS facing huge crisis, secretary of state is dismissing majority of elementary students and staff on Monday to work environments unsecured by Covid

“The government has not, although it has been asked on several occasions, to publish scientific guidance on the risks of reopening schools and colleges This information is desperately needed – especially since new virus variants are 50% more transmissible

“Scottish government will not reopen schools until January 18 at the earliest Westminster government should have done that at least

“A longer period of online work for all elementary, high school and college students could remove virus levels and save time both for vaccine rollout and for putting clean measures in place to ensure the safety of schools

“School and college staff are only forced to work in overcrowded buildings, without effective social distancing, PPE and adequate ventilation”

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of the National Association of Principals (NAHT) described the announcement as “another last-minute mess that could have so easily been avoided” if the government had listened to school leaders. ‘establishment before the Christmas holidays

He said: “Back then, schools that wanted to switch to distance learning were threatened with legal action. We are now in a situation where the government is asking schools to reduce the available teaching time

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“If we had had the freedom to act before the holidays we might have been able to open more schools for more students School leaders will be baffled, frustrated and angry at rightly tonight “

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said the decision to delay face-to-face teaching for high school students was “not surprising,” adding “l ‘difficult balance “between keeping education fully open and suppressing the virus” has clearly shifted towards tackling the immediate public health crisis “

But he said concerns remained about the “enormous logistical challenge” of recruiting and training staff to run mass test centers for colleges and colleges

M Barton, who said the government had “grown accustomed to chaotic eleventh-hour announcements that let schools and colleges pick up the pieces,” said support for mass testing was still insufficient and discussions with ministers and officials on the improvement it will continue

An overnight YouGov poll suggested 43% of 7,999 UK adults would ‘strongly support’ keeping schools closed in England for two more weeks after Christmas break

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Ebene News – GB – The 50 Covid hotspots where elementary schools will be closed to most students

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