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“As the world watches The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt we take a look at 25 cars Clarkson owns or has owned Let’s start with something Italian

“When we finish this work normally, the cars we used leave… actually I don’t know where they are going But I know where this one is going: my house Because this car is just heaven” About Clarkson at the end of episode seven of the third series of The Grand Tour He loved the Alfa Romeo GTV6 that he drove so much that he took it home

Clarkson was spotted riding in this Range Rover 580S Overfinch in 2003 The 4-liter engine was tuned by Overfinch for a 0-62mph time of 73 seconds – 19 seconds faster than the standard US think this is a press car, but you can imagine that a standard Range Rover just wouldn’t be fast enough for Clarkson

As a patron of the Help for Heroes association, the millionth Range Rover in the production line was handed over to Clarkson before being auctioned off to raise funds

Clarkson’s contempt for cyclists has sparked controversy in the past You might be surprised to see him photographed on a women’s bike in Venice Beach

Before TV fame with Top Gear brought him to our screens, Clarkson was prolific as an automotive journalist In its early days, the Volkswagen Scirocco was one of his favorites

The epitome of the hot hatch scene in the early 1990s, the RS Cosworth has become synonymous with horseback riding and rising insurance premiums Legend has it that it is the only car Jezza has owned in which he gave a name was “Gary”, in case you were wondering

Fame and fortune brought money and success, to the point that Jeremy could buy a brand new Ferrari Famous documented in Top Gear magazine, he agonized over color and trim, and regretted more late having opted for the GTS model with the pop-up roof panel

Clarkson has owned a number of Jaguars over the years, but the XJR with its 4 supercharged 0-liter V8 engine was one of the special highlights Jeremy’s old car went under the hammer at auction, never selling for only £ 3,400 despite its famous previous owner

Described by Jezza as the safest way to transport your family, apart from buying an armored personnel carrier “All-terrain cars are dumb, antisocial and dumb, and people who they drive them fools, ”he said in an episode of Clarkson’s Car Years, as he sat on the hood of his 0 liter 4Land Cruiser. He bought two

The car that apparently started Clarkson’s love affair with Mercedes-AMG A 5 products’s 5-liter supercharged V8 engine, producing 469 horsepower, was enough to turn a two-ton roadster into an Autobahn machine from 200 mph

That’s right, Jezza has owned not one, not two, but three Volvo XC90s over the years If this isn’t an endorsement for the ultimate family vehicle, we don’t know what it’s

Through his industry contacts, Jeremy was able to secure one of the few Ford GTs imported to the UK, having enjoyed his driving of a prototype model Things were less positive when the GT arrived, which led Clarkson to return the car to Ford for a refund due to the now famous issues with the alarm system He then bought the car back, however

The next car in the Mercedes-AMG series Without the supercharger of the SL55 AMG, the smaller version of the SLK is content with “only” 355 hp

After selling the Ford GT, Clarkson went for the soft-top version of the baby Lamborghini With a 513 horsepower V10 engine, the Spyder is still capable of almost 200 mph

Described by him as the ‘best car in the world’ it made sense for Jezza to have a third-generation Range Rover Despite his thirst for power, even he could see the advantages of choosing the twin-turbocharged V8 diesel over to the supercharged petrol version

Despite success and fortune, Clarkson has always maintained his love of efficient engineering which is why he made room in the garage, among the supercars, for a humble first generation Ford Focus

“The Grosser is equipped with so many ornaments that it could almost be paired with the head of Elton John,” Clarkson said, describing the rather large Mercedes-Benz

Few cars receive the maximum five-star review from Jeremy Clarkson, which means the Mercedes-Benz CLK Black Series is in a select group “I’m not sure anyone’s life is quite complete if it doesn’t have one, ”Clarkson said in 2008 Praise Indeed

According to Top Gear, to be classified as a real firecracker, you must, at some point in your life, own an Alfa Romeo For Clarkson, the choice fell on a GTV6: the smooth-sounding Alfa with a wonderful Busso V6 engine This was long before he drove – and bought – a GTV6 while filming the third series of the Grand Tour

W Chump and Sons Ltd is an independent television production company founded and owned by Clarkson, Hammond, May and Andy Willman Four Reliant Robins were acquired as company cars, including one owned by Clarkson

In his book, Round the Bend, Clarkson said, “I buy on the strength of a frameless window in a door without a jamb,” which is why he bought a Honda CR-X This is one of many cars with frameless glass including…

… a BMW 30 CSL This has to be among Clarkson’s best buys – and it dates back to the days before it was famous A GTV6, 600 Grosser, Escort Cosworth and a 30 CSL – what a selection!

At the time, the Ford Cortina 1600E was the choice of connoisseurs, with Rostyle wheels, a black vinyl roof and the 1600 GT engine It was also Clarkson’s first car “I grew up in a Ford Cortina, I’ve never been anywhere in a Ford Cortina so I thought I’d better buy a Ford Cortina “

In his book, Driven to Distraction, Clarkson describes some of the cars owned by his wife.On the Lotus Elise 111S, he said she sent it back for sports exhausts because it was not strong enough Brilliant

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In 2018 Jeremy Clarkson sold his 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Pack In an episode of the Grand Tour, James May claimed that Clarkson wanted a three-door Golf, but he did not fill out the form correctly He also said he wanted a red

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Ebene News – GB – The cars Jeremy Clarkson bought with his own money

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