Ebene News – GB – Thousands plan to attend a series of illegal New Years raves at London’s Level 4

A series of illegal New Year’s raves is scheduled for the capital tonight, with thousands expected to attend

Organizers face fines of £ 10,000 for breaking coronavirus rules, but that hasn’t stopped them from advertising their events on social media

Those wishing to attend must follow an Instagram account and provide proof of identity in private messages before being sold a ticket and knowing where to go

One of the biggest parties scheduled for tonight known as the Good Vibez rave is heralded only as being in a “secret place”

All the organizers are saying is that it will take place at an “outdoor covered” site, reports the Sun

Heading the event, Mutant with a Garage Ensemble, to music by “Mark H Nostalgic”, Andy Mills and Annicca, Myro and Casper drums and bass

It is not clear whether the acts will be present in person or whether they know they were linked to this illegal event

A separate event known as Sunday Afters sells tickets to a secret rave online for £ 30 each, buyers will receive more details and location in an email

Organizers have been running an Instagram account for just over two weeks, after the previous one was shut down by the social media platform for “unauthorized activity”

Another band called Vox Sound announced an invitation-only “Acid in Wonderland New Years Eve Secret Rave” on Instagram

In a later post it was said, “We are not allowed to have fun this year, so we are going to do just that”

More and more of them are now advertising by word of mouth or in private groups on messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram

Organizers warned that Uber drivers informed police after dropping off revelers, advising them to make the last leg of their trip

Promoters have warned ravers that Uber drivers are informing police after dropping people off at suspected secret rave locations

Illegal NYE raves have been planned elsewhere in the UK, including at a farm in South Wales

Promotion on Snapchat says event, complete with tech / house DJs and fully stocked bar, is free for people

An NHS worker who reported the post said it sounded like “a huge slap in the face”, adding: “I can’t believe they bragged about their previous party – it’s just insulting”

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Ebene News – GB – Thousands plan to attend a series of illegal New Years raves at London’s Level 4

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2020/12/31/string-of-illegal-new-years-eve-raves-planned-in-tier-4-london-13829644/