Ebene News – GB – TV tonight: the many faces of Ozzy Osbourne

The Black Sabbath singer has constantly reinvented himself throughout his career And, one way or another, he continues… Plus: Stephen Fry on Inventions That Have Changed Our Lives Here’s what to watch tonight

Perhaps best known over the past few decades as the cheeky patriarch of MTV’s reality hit The Osbournes, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has had many reinventions throughout his five-decade career. This feature-length documentary traces his Birmingham beginnings and brushes with the law before co-founding the formative heavy metal band and achieving huge success, while also dealing with addiction Ammar Kalia

The century is coming of age this new year and ITV marks the occasion with a unique 90 minute documentary in which Stephen Fry presents his first 21 “firsts” Advances such as satellite navigation and food delivery applications are now taken for granted, but Fry reveals how they transformed our lives Ellen E Jones

Lee Mack’s domestic sitcom isn’t afraid of a high-profile episode: this one is a one-off scene with everyone sitting in a circle, as the family reunites for New Years Eve is overwhelmed by scolding and small recriminations It’s a brave gambit but, in the end, it’s a little depressing Jack Seale

Comic Tom Allen travels to Wakefield, West Yorkshire in this celebration of the British small town, filmed in 2019 Allen gives a glimpse of a world without social distancing He examines the rhubarb harvest, visits a chippy drive-in and hosts a musical party at the Theater Royal with Martin Kemp AK

Katherine Parkinson and Alison Steadman star in this one-off sitcom about a family determined to spend the vacation of a lifetime in California In December In Margate With 2020 disrupting the Jessop family’s plans, it’s a last ditch attempt for a sort holidays, despite the Ali Catterall pandemic

Conor McPherson-nominated Olivier-nominated Anton Chekhov’s adaptation enjoys welcome screening after its live broadcast abruptly ceased earlier this year due to coronavirus lockdown With Toby Jones , Richard Armitage and Rosalind Eleazar, this tale of an isolated family is dark and comical AK

Steve Coogan returns as Norfolk’s most deceived radio talk show host, making his way to the big screen via this insane thriller When a sacked coworker (Colm Meaney) takes North staff hostage Norfolk Digital, Partridge steps in to negotiate: it’s his best hour, most hypocritical Paul Howlett

Test Cricket: South Africa – Sri Lanka 8am, Sky Sports Main Event The last day of Centurion’s first test

Darts: the World Championship at noon, Sky Sports Main Event Day 13 at Alexandra Palace in North London

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Ebene News – GB – TV tonight: the many faces of Ozzy Osbourne

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