Ebene News – GB – Watch Jamie Dornan’s hilarious reaction to Emily Blunt’s pint of Guinness

The pouring of a pint of Guinness by Emily Blunt has not yet passed the official Irish seal of approval, according to Jamie Dornan

During a joint appearance on The Graham Norton Show’s New Years special (December 29), the Wild Mountain Thyme co-stars looked back on the set of a commercial scene for their new movie in in which Blunt’s skills became the center of the stage for spectators and the crew

Blunt explained to the TV host that she had been asked to ‘pour a pint of Guinness’ and that she thought the experience was going to be ‘amazing and she would crush it’

The Mary Poppins Returns star went on to explain that at first the piece “ clapped ” but as the pint started to “ turn into a pint of foam, ” the uproar quickly dissipated and even co-star Christopher Walken was unimpressed

After the photo of the extra frothy drink was revealed, the Fifty Shades of Gray actor, from County Down, Northern Ireland, immediately exclaimed “it’s a sacrilege!” confirming that the actresses’ attempts to pour the infamous stout had failed

Dornan then shouted at an Instagram account aptly named Sh * t London Guinness, explaining that “ a legend, I think he’s from Cork or something like that, and basically people send him those awful, notoriously awful pints of Guinness here in London ‘

He then elaborated on the terms of submission to the page, “It’s like no head at all, heaps of head, sometimes a pint of Guinness in a Heineken glass” before accepting that the attempt to Blunt would be “straight over there”

Host Graham Norton (born and raised in Clondalkin, Ireland) quickly took the plunge in defense of the Golden Globe-winning actress thinking there might be ‘too much gas in the pipe ”, to which Blunt replied: ‘Too much gas in the pipe, just like Jamie Dornan’

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Jamie Dornan, Emily Blunt, Guinness

Ebene News – GB – Watch Jamie Dornan’s hilarious reaction to Emily Blunt’s Guinness Pint-Pulling

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