Ebene News – GB – Welsh Open 2021 LIVE – Shaun Murphy vs. Stephen Maguire and Mark Selby vs. Jordan Brown

Maguire’s break leaves Murphy snug against the top cushion Murphy has a yahoo to a long red in the lower left, but misses by far and he let Maguire a medium ranger in the same pocket It fits, and it comes down from the yellow table to land perfectly on a red above the black It’s early, but it’s a chance

They look pretty straightforward, but that’s a mistake and you’re out of territory for Maguire so he operates very carefully here. A yellow evokes his half-century, and there are only 75 left, so he’s not far now

After a security battle, Maguire snaps into a red end and lands nicely on the black Reds are invitingly spread out here, and black is on both corners How lucky to wear this to a decision maker

Maguire and Murphy miss long reds in the lower left at the start of the eighth frame Murphy’s miss sits a red above the middle left, and it’s a good start for Maguire in this one. makes only eleven before losing his position on the Reds and playing it safe

Murphy uses brown, blue and pink to make sure, and is now one frame away from the semi-finals

Murphy can only land directly on a yellow along the rail, and drops him deadweight before playing pool Maguire is still in that frame, but escaping the pool he leaves the green in his own pocket and Murphy crashes him in It was a frame ball, Maguire now needs a snooker

Maguire’s break ends at 37, and Murphy is with a load to do He takes the lead with a rose in the left middle, disturbing the last two reds on the bottom cushion doing it How lucky he is now to take the lead

We just heard that Ali Carter has withdrawn from the tournament due to health issues Our best wishes go to Ali for a speedy recovery Ronnie O’Sullivan will be given time off for the semi-finals

Murphy misses a tough long red at the start of the seventh, and he leaves one in the middle left for Maguire That’s a good chance, and he’s already up to 30

A bruise in the middle right brings Murphy to 72, and that’s enough for the Tit frame for tat so far from those two, and we’re now in a best of three for a place in the semi-finals

Murphy shoots straight away in sixth, hitting in a long red in the lower right to come back for the blue He is out, and up to 23 and already counting

On the other table, Selby won the fifth over a spotted black and Brown’s lead is reduced to 3-2

It should do it; a long thunderous red on the bottom left by Maguire places it perfectly on the black He soon passed the winning post and a pause of 30 sorts the fifth frame in his favor

He’s 29 in response to Murphy, before he loses his position on his favorite red and misses a tough bottom left with the rest Looks like he got away with it at first, until what Maguire shoots a superb cut on a red in the middle right to land on the black He adds 12, before missing a tough red in the middle left This was played with safety in mind, and he has control for the moment

Maguire’s break ends on the 31st when his attempt to divide the peloton leaves him with nothing.A long safety exchange ensues, until Maguire breaks the deadlock by plugging in a red bottom left to land on blue He puts that on, but then misses a single red in the green pocket and Murphy has a big chance here

Murphy hits black trying to escape from a snooker He escapes on his second attempt, but leaves a red bottom left for Maguire who wastes no time enjoying it

He did it! A Murphy’s 40 whips the frame under Maguire’s nose, and we’re at the same level in the meantime

Another gorgeous long red from Murphy’s brings him back, then he takes the last red with a delicate cut using the rest Just the colors needed to notch the frame

During two separate visits, Murphy tinkers together – including a shiny blue to green pocket – then accidentally pot the pink while playing on it to put down a pool table.He grimaces and breaks the fourth wall in Oliver Hardy’s fashion to take a look at the camera and invite our sympathy with his predicament Murphy plays a brilliant escape to leave Maguire nothing, and we still have one live

Maguire’s third half-ton in three frames put him on the brink of a two frame lead at intervals.The remaining six reds are awkward though, and he shakes one of his jaws in the lower right and leaves it in the middle right for Murphy

Murphy smothers a lonely red but can’t land on a color; Maguire kabooms in a long of his own and he’s pretty much on pink He drops that in the middle left heart and he’s here again

Maguire lands on tough red, but it’s an awkward cut in the middle left It’s essentially a frame ball, and he drops it delicately and it will do it A total break of 84 places him 2-1 ahead

A near-perfect split on a group of reds under the pink spot left Murphy struggling here with Maguire hitting the front with another half a century, and of the two remaining reds, one near the green spot along the right rail. could be the only salvation for Murphy

The break ends on the 46th as Murphy’s separation from the peloton leaves him with nothing His safety is a bit disappointing too, leaving a red in the lower right, and Maguire blows him up It’s an inviting table , and he can come back to it immediately

Murphy appears to have his A game with him today, as he gently slides a red down left to land on black A practice nudge on the pack later and he turns well on the 22nd, with a number of reds in the open

That’s half a ton for Maguire, and the remaining three reds are wide open Looks like we’ll be on the same level soon

Now Stephen Murphy leaves a red in the middle right after a poor containment safety attempt, and it’s okay Maguire then jumps into the yellow and enters the peloton from a cushion, nearly sending a red down right as he the fact It is in control now though, and is advancing within the frame

Maguire misses a long red in the lower right, and he places himself like a close-range jab in the green pocket for Murphy Where Maguire didn’t settle in, Murphy did, and he’s quickly in. a break of 22 Sounding in the next red even though it’s neither pink nor black, and that’s the end of the break

It’s a botched start from Maguire; he sticks a red on the bottom left, and Murphy is again A quick and counted 21 from Murphy leaves Maguire in need of snookers

Maguire gets a lonely red, before a long, shiny red from Murphy opens up the first real scoring chance of the game The break comes at 29 before Murphy misses a red in the middle left

Maguire gives up eight early, missing a slim boost on a safety and later starting mid-left Maguire then goes into the green pocket when repotting a red, so a bit of a wacky start here Murphy then has red-black pots, but he’s out of position

Our MC Phil Seymour introduces the players We’ll keep you posted on the ongoing quarter-final which will also begin shortly, where Mark Selby will face Jordan Brown

Welcome to live coverage of the Welsh Open quarter-finals It’s best of nine today, with a better-looking debut: Defending champion Shaun Murphy takes on 2013 winner Stephen Maguire

Ronnie O’Sullivan insisted he was totally in control of his emotions and happy with his mental situation

The six-time world champion assumed Welsh Open favoritism when Judd Trump crashed into Hossein Vafaei, but O’Sullivan was arguably playing the best snooker of the event before the world number one’s shock exit O’Sullivan lost his first frame of the event by beating Zhou Yuelong 4-1 to reach the quarter-finals

His next opponent will be Ali Carter, a player he’s had clashes with earlier in his career O’Sullivan expects a tough game no matter who he is, but won’t let his emotions get the better of him

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“I’m still good mentally,” O’Sullivan told Eurosport “I might not watch it sometimes, but I can dig deep You’re not going to have a 30 year career like mine and win as much as me if you are not mentally strong

“Sometimes I just show it Some others hold it better, but they definitely go through it I manage my emotions a lot better now I know what’s going on now, whereas before I was a bit confused and had used to lose the plot

“Now I’m in total control I can see it coming and putting the brakes”

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Ebene News – GB – Welsh Open 2021 LIVE – Shaun Murphy vs. Stephen Maguire and Mark Selby vs. Jordan Brown

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