Ebene News – GB – What Marty Walsh said when asked about his candidacy for Biden’s secretary at work

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Mayor Marty Walsh said on Wednesday that he had not spoken to anyone in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration recently, despite a report that he is Biden’s preferred choice for the job secretary position

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“The last time I spoke to the vice president – president-elect, should I say – I was on a Zoom call with him with the US Conference of Mayors about a week after being elected president of the United States of America – at least the one time I acknowledged he was elected president, “Walsh told reporters at a press conference on the city’s response to COVID-19” I don’t so I didn’t speak to anyone in the Biden administration “

The Dorchester Democrat has been touted as a potential cabinet pick for some time, especially after last month’s election, when several national union leaders said they favored Walsh, who previously headed the Council of building and construction trades, to head the Ministry of Labor

Walsh and Biden also have a close friendship that dates back to 2013 when Walsh was elected mayor

In a report released last week, sources close to Biden’s deliberations said Politico Biden “really wants Marty Walsh”

But Biden, who has repeatedly boasted that his cabinet will be the most diverse in any presidential administration, must weigh his choices to make them a reality

Several lawmakers and Asian-American / Pacific Islander groups are pushing for California Secretary of Labor Julie Su to be elected, while the Congressional Black Caucus has backed Patrick Gaspard, president of Open Society Foundations US Representative Andy Levin of Michigan, with his clean energy background, enjoys the support of environmental groups

On Wednesday, however, Bloomberg Law reported that Biden’s considerations for a union leader narrowed down to Walsh and Su

The transition would have notified Walsh that he was one of the last two contenders.The team also sought to have Walsh serve as secretary of labor and Su as assistant secretary of labor, but Su expressed reservations about this arrangement, according to Bloomberg Law

A source told the outlet that Su was not made aware of Biden’s preference for secretary and that she was unsure whether she would accept the deputy position

“I love being the mayor of Boston,” he said with a smile before the end of the “Happy New Year” press conference

If he wants to keep his current job, Walsh could face at least a three-way race in 2021 City councilors Michelle Wu and Andrea Campbell both launched campaigns for Walsh’s seat in early fall , although Walsh himself has not announced whether he will definitely seek a third term

Still, Walsh has hinted at his intention to run for reelection, and his war chest is on the $ 6 million mark Last month, his campaign raised over $ 323,000 and spent over $ 103,000 Walsh also recently hired new communications staff for his campaign and administration

On Wednesday, Walsh called on residents to remain vigilant by taking precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while observing the New Year’s holidays

“If you are planning to throw a party or attend a party, I ask you to rethink those plans [and] to stay home,” he said “Consider making those connections virtually. and do something very different this year There are many safe ways to enjoy and celebrate the coming New Year “

According to Boston Police Commissioner William Gross, all 11 police stations in the city will be fully equipped for New Years Eve and will have officers on patrol

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Ebene News – GB – What Marty Walsh said when asked if he would be considered the secretary of Biden’s Work

Source: https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2020/12/30/marty-walsh-response-reportedly-considered-labor-secretary