Ebene News – GB – Will the DW Stadium in City be their source of inspiration?

Former City star Peter Swan was inside DW Stadium on that fateful day seven months ago when Hull City’s season hit a new low

Wednesday night’s game at Wigan Athletic will bring back very unhappy memories for Hull City and their manager Grant McCann

In July, the Tigers found themselves seven points behind at the break before losing 8-0, the club’s biggest league loss since 1911

It’s strange, because I remember talking to their then coach Paul Cook before kickoff at DW Stadium and he asked how things were at City

At that point, as we lowered the table like a rock, I told him we did and joked that the Latics would probably win with 10 men as we struggled at the time, and Cook laughed

As I walked away and walked up to the main gallery press box, I had no idea what was going to happen in front of my eyes, even now it still shocks me how this team capitulated

If memory serves, it was around the time of the sixth goal before half-time, and Cook looked at me in the stands saying ‘you weren’t kidding how bad City were – no words were exchanged but eye contact between us said it all

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Neither of us could really believe what was going on on the pitch, I know City had struggled in the past few weeks, but you just don’t see a result like this coming, no matter what. tell someone

I remember thinking that when it came to four draws it surely couldn’t get more embarrassing and it is, there was almost a weird relaxation as I collapsed in my seat thinking that the score could literally become anything

After the first goal heads fell, there was no fight or anything and the best scenario was to finish the match as quickly as possible, get back into the coach and come home

It was as if some players thought that as the goals started to come in and with the score 7-0 at halftime, bringing the coach home had to be quite a prospect. attractive

It’s just a good job that there weren’t any City fans inside the stadium as you can imagine the reaction to the break, so it’s fair to say that the managers and players escaped slightly on this occasion, and probably quite a bit since

Seven months later and the manager remains, with about half the squad that day and their pride will have taken a huge hit, like Reece Burke, Callum Elder, Mallik Wilks, George Honeyman and so on, they ‘All will desperately want to show that it was unique, that they are still good players and I hope they will use this platform to deliver a good performance and get a good result

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Ebene News – GB – Will City’s DW Stadium be their source of inspiration?

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