Ebene News – UA – 90 Minute Presidency: Upper House chaos as NSW MPs vie for plum role

The upper house of NSW descended into chaos on Tuesday night when the choice of first president Gladys Berejiklian was overthrown in less than two hours and an alternate candidate was installed for the post of plum

Ms Berejiklian’s favorite candidate, Liberal MP Natasha Maclaren-Jones, has demanded the seat after the House has been deadlocked for nearly six weeks over who should replace incumbent John Ajaka

Labor and some backseat MPs opposed her appointment, insisting Ms Maclaren-Jones would be indebted to Ms Berejiklian as Speaker of the Upper House

In an act of defiance with the support of some colleagues in the Coalition, Ms Maclaren-Jones took over the chair

Less than 90 minutes later, Ms Maclaren-Jones was dismissed by a vote of no confidence after being accused of ‘stealing the chair’ and the achievement of a â ???? mini coupâ ????

His nomination was backed by Labor and most MPs Late Tuesday night, Mr. Mason-Cox was elected 23 votes to 18

The question of the president’s role has become particularly toxic as the government, including Ms Berejiklian, has accused Labor and the banker of trying to block a woman from that role

Ms Berejiklian’s cabinet is almost entirely male, with another Liberal MP in the ministry Nationals have three female ministers

However, the opposition and some members of the judiciary have said Ms Maclaren-Jones will be beholden to Ms Berejiklian’s demands and will not maintain the independence of the House

In an effort to end the unrest, which saw the upper house on an indefinite hiatus, the government obtained legal advice from the Crown Prosecutor, who concluded that she was the successful candidate. p>

According to an independent opinion from Sydney’s leading lawyer Bret Walker SC obtained by the Clerk of Parliament, Ms Maclaren-Jones also won the ballot based on the number of MPs who voted

As well as creating tensions in the upper house, the confrontation sparked discontent within Labor over the strategy used to try to block Ms Berejiklian’s candidate

A Labor MP who is familiar with the talks said: ‘This should end now We have to get back to work This indicates Labor is in opposition, it just can’t solve the problems We are trying to win a by-election in Upper Hunter Do you think the people of Singleton care about the speaker of the upper house?

Another MP, who also cannot speak officially, said: ‘The problem is we tried to be half too smart and it backfired.at ????

Adam Searle, Leader of the Opposition in the Upper House, said it was the government, not the opposition, that prevented the House from sitting until the issue was resolved


– It was the government that delayed the case by refusing to let the house sit on March 25?

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Ebene News – UA – 90 minutes of presidency: chaos in the upper house then that NSW MPs vie for the role of plum

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