Ebene News – UA – AFL Inflicts Punishment For Spitting Lions-Cats

AFL to give Geelong coach Chris Scott a suspended fine for his role in heated argument with a number of Brisbane Lions players, according to veteran journalist Caroline Wilson

The incident happened during the quarter-time break of Geelong’s final one-point victory when Lions coach Chris Fagan was angered that Scott had approached the squad of his players

AFL reporter Damian Barrett said after Scott hinted that Lions players Lachie Neale had been ‘soft’ in the opening quarter, teammate Harris Andrews replied ‘no as sweet as you sting in the grand finale ”

There were also accusations that Lions players referred to Scott’s hair and also commented on the personal life of Cats forward Gary Rohan.

The AFL has issued a “please explain” to Scott about his conduct, and will now move on to issuing a conditional fine, which Wilson says will mark a line in the sand for the league. p>

“Chris Scott will be punished for this altercation with Lachie Neale which occurred in the quarter-time of the Geelong-Brisbane game,” Wilson told Nine’s Footy Classified

“There were several other incidents in this game, but the AFL was particularly strong in having Chris Scott responded to a comment from Lachie Neale

“A suspended fine will be the punishment It may sound small but it’s a line in the sand moment

“AFL verified what happened in 15 minutes Chris Scott responding to comment on Gary Rohan

“The AFL is not particularly happy with Lachie Neale, but thinks there is an adult in the room and that it is the head coach

“They now wish they could have acted on this (other) incident, which was that comment to Razor Ray in last year’s finale, when Chris stepped into the ground and had a crack at Razor Ray about the bounce

“Of course we know Chris Scott has a few priors He had a crack in Hamish Hartlett a few years ago in 2016

“There was also an allegation that Chris Scott may have been speaking to referees or commenting on referees The AFL went through the vision but did not verify that this had happened

“It’s a line in the sand moment They probably think they should have acted on this sooner The coaches will no longer be able to talk to the players and if they do it won’t be a fine with stay This will be the last suspended fine in my opinion “

While Geelong coach’s actions have been criticized by some, including Wilson, AFL greats Kane Cornes and Matthew Lloyd have defended the veteran Cats coach

“I don’t think you should get involved and talk with the players, but I loved it,” Lloyd told Footy Classified on Monday.

“The spite of this game We haven’t seen a lot of rivalry in this game in a very, very long time”

Cornes added: “I think it’s great for the game You see this stuff in American sport all the time, it builds the brand of the sport”

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Ebene News – UA – AFL issues penalty to Lions -Cats spat

Source: https://wwos.nine.com.au/afl/chris-scott-lachie-neale-afl-punishment-suspended-fine-line-in-sand/f493f9a4-d102-4a19-b8f5-d0c8c08f4abc