Ebene News – UA – Australians spend $ 2 billion more on alcohol

Almost $ 2,000 was spent on alcohol by households this year as people sought to combat the boredom and stress caused by the pandemic and the lockdown

More than half of people who increased their alcohol consumption during Australia’s first COVID-19 lockdown continued to drink at higher levels

Australians have been banned from pubs throughout the year, but still managed to spend an additional $ 2 billion on alcohol this year

On average, they spent $ 1,891 a year on household alcohol, an increase of $ 270 from last year, according to Finder’s analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data

During the September quarter $ 6 $ 18 billion was spent on alcohol, up 17% year on year, and just ahead of June’s record $ 621 billion in figures

“Months spent staying at home, along with the stress of the pandemic and, frankly, boredom, are all reasons to increase consumption,” said Taylor Blackburn, insurance specialist at Finder

One in five Australians increased their alcohol consumption during the lockdown months, according to an Australian National University study, while 28% of people consumed three to four additional drinks

The main reasons people raided the liquor cellar were spending more time at home (66%), boredom (44%), and increased stress ( 38%)

Consumers will also enjoy the holiday season with plans to spend $ 136 on alcohol between Christmas and New Years, Finder survey finds

“Alcohol abuse is often excluded from life insurance policies, and you are likely to receive a higher premium if you suffer from alcohol-related health problems,” he said. declared

Each year there are over 4,000 alcohol-related deaths in Australia and over 70,000 hospital admissions, according to the National Health and Medical Research Council

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Ebene News – UA – Australians spend $ 2 billion more on alcohol

Source: https://www.news.com.au/finance/money/costs/australians-spend-big-to-stock-up-the-liquor-cabinet-and-survive-the-pandemic/news-story/7442794ca311f05de8f2b4c5c315df61