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After Betoota Advocate’s Facebook page was blocked from its audience of around 800,000, editors Clancy Overell and Errol Parker told neufcomau they found themselves in a sticky situation

“We were turned off and then back on, so it was scary for a while,” M said. Overell at nine o’clockcomau

“We thought we really needed to look into our other social channels, but luckily, by the grace of God, Facebook decided to let us through the doors”

Despite the shocking announcement, the editors of the Betoota Advocate have had no trouble maintaining a sense of humor

“When we were rekindled we thought the late Kerry Packer was correct that social media and the internet are indeed only a passing fad,” said M Parker

“We couldn’t wait to go back to the old days of journalism, the big days, corporate cards, big breakfasts, long lunch breaks But by a cruel twist of fate, we returned to bloody writing online to earn peanuts “

“When the Bureau of Meteorology was shut down it definitely blurred some lines on what is and what is not,” said Mr. Overell

“I thought that when the BoM closed its Facebook page, it was because of all the fake weather reports it was doing

“I jumped off my jet here in Sydney and they told me it wasn’t raining and it pissed me off”

“Not to mention all this alarmist nonsense related to climate change, maybe the Office deserves to be closed”

M Overell said that while social media is an important part of their platform, they are convinced that news sites don’t just rely on Facebook to share their news.

<p You're not going to put them through traditional channels "

“As far as election results and football results are concerned, we have tried and true media (like) newspapers and nightclubs, which people go to”

Betoota Advocate

Ebene News – UA – Betoota Advocate “Returns To Online Writing To Earn Peanuts” After Facebook Page Restores – Up News Info

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