Ebene News – UA – BRISBANE SIEGE: Hostage situation continues all night and into a SECOND day

Specialized officers negotiate with an armed man who allegedly held a five-year-old child and a woman hostage

The clash at a property on Dyson Avenue near Banoon Station near Sunnybank began around 11 a.m. on Thursday

Queensland Police have issued an emergency declaration for an area bounded by Dyson Avenue, Geddes Place, Beenleigh Road and Ganda Place

Trains have been rerouted out of Banoon station, instead of doing express service between Sunnybank and Coopers Plains stations

They installed lights Thursday night to keep the area lit all night

Other residents who live on the property were forced to find another place to sleep on Thursday

Police had to forcefully evict a neighbor from the exclusion zone on Thursday after he refused to stay outside the cordon

Acting Inspector Mick Ackery said on Thursday that an “unknown” weapon was involved in the hostage-taking

7NEWS understands that the gunman involved in the siege does not live at the house but stayed there with the young boy while he visited a relative

A police spokesman told 7NEWScom early Friday morning that the situation is “ongoing” and “there is no change”


Ebene News – UA – BRISBANE SIEGE: Hostage situation continues through the night and continues into a SECOND day

Source: https://7news.com.au/news/qld/brisbane-hostage-situation-continues-through-the-night-and-into-next-day–c-2193832